WOD: Wednesday

Four sets for max reps of:

In five minutes, run 600 meters, and then complete as many reps as possible of:
Unbroken Kettlebell Swings, 24kg/16kg
Unbroken Push Press, 30kg/20kg

Rest 3 minutes between sets.

Post total Kettlebell Swings and Push Press reps to comments.

Post WOD cuddles…





9 Responses

  1. Kettle bell swings – 165
    Push press – 100
    Total – 265

    I made a mistake though I did 6minute rounds instead of 5 minutes so my results aren’t accurate.

  2. Hey Bread Dough, I think we should get a photo taken of us like this to express our true love <3

    1. I like your thinking big wave, however there is one critical flaw in your plan….. They havent made a camera with a wide enough lense that will fit both of our colossal rigs in it and I doubt we will be able to convince nasa to let us borrow their sattelite to take the picture 😉

  3. aaaawwwwwww sssooo cute! i notice this picture is bigger then most, must be the love!
    Didnt we do this workout before? if so is anyone nerdy enought to find out the date???

  4. I think post WOD cuddles should be compulsory! I think Big Wave and Bread Dough need to get a room!