WOD: Wednesday

What are the CrossFit Games?

Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1


3x 800m Run
Rest 90 sec between efforts.

Post loads and time to comments.

Em.R pictured here is one of our amazing teen athletes. I just wanted to give Em and the other CF42s teenagers some well earned acknowledgement. I can honestly say that at their age I wouldn’t have had the maturity, motivation or discipline to do what these guys and girls are doing. You inspire me more and more everyday and it excites me to see that the next generation isn’t scared of a little discomfort and are willing to take the hard road. You guys are my kind of human.







13 Responses

  1. Getting that ‘pain face’ on in place of the ‘pretty face’… no wonder Drummond is proud xx

    1. thats becouse you had the ‘radical’ velcro type shoes that rocked the whole concept of shoelaces throughout the eighties.

      What inspires me with the ‘young guns’ is the relative ease they find ‘good form’, combined with their ability to recover after a wod.

  2. Hell yeah!
    Em you’re a trooper! Be my partner any day!
    i love the way you’re so “Comfortable with uncomfortable ” and are able To push your self so hard and get in the shit times (like this photo by the looks of it!) you’re an inspiration girl 🙂