WOD: Thursday

In teams, with only one person rowing at a time row as far as you can in 30 minutes.
Every time a team member dismounts from the rower they must perform 10 Plyometric Push-ups before they may row again.

Post distance covered to comments.

Ruby drilling muscle-up progressions.







10 Responses

  1. I fear for what you will become Ruby, Crossfit world games 2030 here we come!

    Also in regards to this wod, i think i left my oven on so may not be able to make it, plus i have a new t shirt to wear.

  2. My whole body feels like its been hit by like 10 trucks quite sore and very whozy still wanting to thow up. Thanks DW

  3. Calling it now:
    Ruby will have a full strict muscle up by the time she’s 5 years old :p