WOD: Wednesday

3 rounds for time of:

30 Wall Ball, 10kg/6kg

20 Toes to Bar

10 Box-jumps, 41” (may use arms to assist onto box)

Post time to comments.

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  1. Is women’s height 42″ also ( I am assuming it is as there is no other option mentioned)? Might give this a whirl – looks fun!

  2. WOD results:

    Dancey: 16.10 (6kg/HK/26″)
    Hilux: 16.53 (6kg/HK/38″)
    Sarah: 21.37 (3kg/38″)
    Austin: 18.51 (6kg/HK/38″)
    Julie: 24.30 (2rds rxd)
    DJ Dave: 12.51 rxd
    Leisha: 16.24 (26″)
    Linds: 16.17 rxd
    Esther: 13.58 (26″)
    Bove: 21.15 rxd
    Ant: 19.28 (3kg/step-ups x2)
    Tommi.G: 15.41 rxd
    Hristo: 13.05 (6kg/HK/38″)
    Razor: 12.34 rxd
    Jak: 20.17 (HK/38″)

    A hard WOD – well done morning crew!

    12 noon:
    Ash: 9.35 (6kg/HK/28″)
    Jono: 14.21 rxd
    Juanita: 12.05 (3kg/HK/20″)
    Mark.M: 17.21 (6kg)
    Clair: 13.46 (5kg 1rd/3kg/HK/28″)
    Jerka: 11.58 rxd

    Adam: 11.26 rxd
    Cam: 10.01 rxd
    Le’Roy: 12.47 rxd
    Tom: 10.45 rxd
    Lauren: snake bite 10.13 (green)
    Jacqui: 18.23 (6kg/HK/26″)
    Paddy: 11.45 rxd
    Alice: 15.08 (38″)
    Weg: 11.15 rxd
    Patrick: 16.51 (6kg/38″)
    Tom.A: 16.50 (6kg/38″)
    Showtime: 16.57 rxd
    Disco: 15.08 (6kg/38″/HK)

    Joel: 13.52 (6kg/HK/38″)
    Tan: 12.26 (HK/20″)
    Edwin: 13.18 (6kg/38″-26″)
    Kyle: 11.22 rxd
    Shell: 11.39 (HK/38″)
    Meaghan: 13.45 (8kg/HK/20″)
    Sarah.C: 12.25 (38″)
    Matt.R: 11.20 (6kg/38″)
    Mike: 14.19 (5kg/HK/38″)
    Sarah.R: 11.55 (HK/20kg)
    Big Wave: 10.42 rxd
    Rowan: 12.35 (HK)
    Emily.R: 11.06 (5kg/HK/26″)

    Pete: 15.05 (38″)
    Lukey: 11.53 rxd
    Massive: 13.40 (38″)
    Eve: 15.33 (HK/38″)
    Oliver: 15.20 (3kg/HK/38″)
    Lawrence: 12.05 (38″)
    Alain: 12.22 rxd
    Nick: 17.05 rxd
    Liam: 17.30 rxd

  3. 6.30am @ home

    16.05 (36″) + 100m runs to wallball station

    Was a great WOD. Made even more fun by the setup I was using~ Wallballs @ far end of yard (only place I could find a 10ft target), T2B other end of yard in garage, pile of 3, 35″ 4wd tyres stacked on top of each other for the box jumps. Will flick u a pic

    1. I’d love to see the photos Josh. You can’t beat a good garage gym set-up!

    2. Forgot my Tabata scores

      I see you may have cut this from the WOD however

      I didn’t make my little man boobies scream for nothing so here they are


  4. This wod looks pretty interesting.

    Good work Jules – all that Toes to Bar practice paid off!

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  6. Home in the sunshine,

    Five rounds for time of:
    12 Deadlift, 70kg/50kg
    9 Hang Power Clean, 70kg/50kg
    6 Push Jerk, 70kg/50kg

    2 Min Rest

    Tabata Pushups

    ‘Dt’ / Lowest Tabata Score
    10.24 (50kg) / 5

  7. Active shoulders arrgh!!! Holy mother of god i’m sore, my stomach muscles took and absolute pounding too in those ‘Toe to bars’.