WOD: Wednesday

Streaker at the CrossFit Games Regionals – Guess who! Check the CF42s facebook page.

Surprise WOD.

Updated 1930:

200m Hill Sprint (Davenport Street, Glebe) on the minute every 7 minutes for 5 cycles.

Post times in seconds to comments.

Simon and Ash have left for their 11 month backpacking holiday in South America. It’s been great having you around boys. Travel safe and be sure to stay in touch.

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    1. Have fun guys – we’ll do a “Murph” test when you get back to see if you’ve kept up your fitness!
      Who knows, I might be RXD by then!

  1. And I reckon you’re going to check this site every 5 minutes to try and find out !!

  2. Good luck simon and ash, remember to bring me back those special ‘pills’ i requested, also the work out today was wicked! (wink)

  3. WOD results:

    Results in seconds.

    Razor: 50/57/62/63/63
    Matt: 62/65/76/77/74
    Mark: 51/66/70/68/65
    Sarah: 120/125/135/139/115
    Martin: 130/128/121/142/130
    Lindsey: 88/92/103/98/92
    Bove: 59/63/83/85/86
    Yaro: 50/56/76/78/62

    That was a top effort on a chili morning.

    Skills WOD
    10 rounds of:
    30 sec “L” Hang
    30 sec Pistols
    30 sec Paralette Handstand Hold


    12 noon:
    Frank: 69/65/69/71/74
    Doc: 46/67/86/75/80
    Nikki6: 47/54/56/62/56
    Tommy.G: 50/59/63/82/53
    Jess: 54/94/163/152
    Kate.B: 68/82/90/95/90
    Alice: 55/67/84/81/82
    Jerka: 66/60/64/69/76
    Alex: 51/67/78/92/83
    Nick.C: 60/57/74/75/73
    Em: 4 x 500m Row: 1:58/2.00/2.00/2.03

    Timmy: 48/52/58/65/70
    Caitlin: 87/110/-/110/110
    Cam: 47/45/55/68/85
    Big Wave: 47/57/80/83/86
    Sonya: 60/67/83/90/100
    Chris: 48/49/58/63/-
    Nick.W: 49/48/58/65/73
    Brett: 62/56/61/67/61
    Le’Roy: 50/54/71/80/76
    Steve: 75/90/120/120/100

    Jade: 61/86/104/102/94
    Adam.J: 59/67/99/97/99
    Peter: 61/83/99/104/107
    Mark.I: 66/90/135/94/100
    Steph: 83/86/83/89/81
    Tan: 95/107/113/114/109
    Slayer: 54/54/57/62/58
    Kyle: 39/47/86/75/89
    Tom: 47/52/67/72/77
    Adam: 45/50/66/72/75
    Sarah.C: 67/66/72/76/85
    Liam: 63/70/76/84/80
    Adam.M: 61/63/71/76/73

    1. Go Bretto!!!! Try and catch him guys – who would have thought from that first 5km in Dec. Perserverance pays off.

      1. Not only is he faster AS he was running in whisper mode tonight. No puffing billy.

    2. A belter of a WoD Drummond! Props to everyone who turned up on a cold night when they would have had a fair idea that they’d be in for some running!