WOD: Wednesday


3 Rounds for time of:

15 Hang Power Clean, 60kg (40kg)

30 Double unders

Post time to comments.

12 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Doc: 6.01 (32.5kg)
    Tania: 11.33 (21kg/attempts)
    Miles: 7.51 (32.5kg)
    Chops: 8.41 (30kg)
    Toddy: 7.05 (32.5kg)
    Alex: 5.41 (23.5kg/attempts)
    Andrew: 7.07 (31kg/attempts)
    Leigh-Roy: 7.47 (35kg)

    Drummond 4.25 rxd

    Marvellous Emily: 8.45 (31kg)
    Anna: 6.00 rxd
    Max: 6.04 rxd
    Jess: 6.28 40kg/sub DU with GHD 15 reps

    Alli: 6.41 (22.5kg)

    Tom: 12.39 (30kg)

    Adam: 9.57 (32.5kg)

    5 rounds:
    Row 200m (timing staton)
    Box Squats


  2. Happy Birthday Alli. Hope RW and DW treat you well.

    PS DW – I think your website is throwing the wrong date under each day?

    1. It’s the 7th of July 2010 in Hobart. Is that what it is in Woodbridge? 😉

  3. On your main page it says Wed 6 July – that is probably when you posted (last night).

    AND FYI it is always slightly different in Woodbridge!

  4. Happy Birthday Alli!

    I hope Drum made you breakfast when he got home this morning. Not sure if he knows how to cook so you might have had to do it yourself. Hopefully not!

    Nice work out this morning! Bit disappointed in Leigh today, curse of the warm milk I think!

  5. its the warm milk that has helped me lift heavier weights than you… i’ll admit i’m not the best at skipping… unlike you i didn’t spend my childhood trying to become a skipping champion, and again unlike you my main goal at school was not to win the jump rope for heart comp. i was climbing trees, riding my bike and chasing the sheilas…… but i’m glad you have found something you are good at.. it pleases me!!! drummond – can you post my results from yesterday please…. just put them next to doc’s…

    1. Apologies Leigh-Roy, I must of skipped over your name. Results updated.

      I’m concerned that the competitive nature of your relationship with Doc is out weighing the love on which it was built. I want you boys to post three nice things about each other before the end of the day.

      e.g Doc you have amazing eyes which sometimes distract me when doing double-unders…

  6. Thanks for all the BD messages peoples… I have had a lovely day received some very special gifts. Jess I’m sure we will meet very soon. Keep up the awesome work everyone! Love Alli 🙂