WOD: Wednesday

Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5


Max height Box-jump.

Post loads and height to comments.

9 Responses

  1. You were right Drum. After my gardening rotation today i am now physically SHATTERED!
    Should be interesting 2moro. I hope Anna or Russ is kind to me at CFWX’s in the morning.

    1. CrossFit Kindness……….Russ is on at 0930 or noon. You will be fine tomorrow – all over it actually.

  2. WOD results
    Razor 90kg
    Mark 45kg (1armsumo)
    Simon 40kg
    Mike 80kg
    DJ Dave 140kg
    Matt 150kg
    Big wave 160kg
    Lindsey 90kg
    Leisha 60kg/30″
    Bove 130kg
    Lisa N 95kg
    Yarro 140kg /50″
    Em 70kg / 24″ PB

    12.00 Noon
    Sanch 65kg /30″
    Jane 95kg / 30″
    Jerka 115kg /37″
    Sonya 115kg 37″
    Eve 65kg /30″
    Phantom 120kg /37″
    Slayer 140kg
    Slats 130kg /37″
    Miles 140kg /37″

    Nick 90kg /44″
    Cam 160kg /40″
    Brett 160 /39″
    Kyle 100 /50″
    Chris 115kg /44″
    Rob 50kg /37″
    Le’roy 160 /38″

    Jess 80kg /35″
    Tan 67.5kg /24″ PB
    Tom 167.5kg /45″
    Adam M 75kg /37″
    Lukey 80kg /37″

  3. Felt really stupid and frustrated after wrecking my back this morning and now feel even worse after trying to drown my sorrows in chocolate 🙁