WOD: Wednesday


Reminder: the box is closed today for the public holiday.

I will be training at Blackmans Bay beach at 0630 if anyone is keen. The more the merrier! Meet at the play ground.

Here is WOD you can do at home.

Run 1 km

Tabata Squat (bottom hold)

8 sets of air squats. 20 seconds of work (max air squats) followed by 10 seconds of rest until all 8 sets are completed. The 10 seconds of rest should be spent in the bottom of the air squat position.

Post Run time and tabata score to comments.

4 Responses

  1. 1 km run = 5min 47 secs.
    tabata squats = 106
    bike ride = Cornelian Bay-Shot Tower, return….now time for cider!!