WOD: Wednesday

Our thoughts are with our CrossFit friends in Brisbane and Ipswich. Stay strong and stay safe!

Push Press 1-1-1-1-1


As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
8 Kettlebell Swing, 24kg (16kg)
16 Double-unders

Post load and time to comments.

Scientific Proof that CrossFit makes you smarter:

Eur J Cardiovasc Prev Rehabil. 2007 Dec;14(6):825-30.

Intensity, but not duration, of physical activities is related to cognitive function.

Angevaren M, Vanhees L, Wendel-Vos W, Verhaar HJ, Aufdemkampe G, Aleman A, Verschuren WM.

Research Department Health and Lifestyle, University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Maaike.angevaren@hu.nl


BACKGROUND: Physical activity is thought to facilitate cognitive performance and to slow down the rate of age-related cognitive decline. This study aimed to investigate the association between the time spent on physical activity as well as the average intensity of these activities and cognitive function.

DESIGN: Cross-sectional analysis.

METHODS: Our study population comprised of 1927 healthy men and women aged 45-70 years in the Netherlands, examined from 1995 until 2000. Physical activity was assessed with an extensive questionnaire, and cognitive function by a neuropsychological test battery.

RESULTS: Multivariate linear regression analysis showed that intensity of weekly physical activities is significantly positively associated with processing speed, memory, mental flexibility and overall cognitive function. No significant associations were observed between the time spent weekly on physical activities and the various cognitive domains. At the same time, variation in activities was significantly positively associated with speed, memory, mental flexibility and overall cognitive function.

CONCLUSIONS: Average intensity of weekly physical activities and variation in activities are positively and significantly associated with cognitive performance on processing speed, memory and mental flexibility as well as performance on overall cognitive function.

3 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Shaggy: 50kg/9+8+15 rxd
    Razor: 51kg/16 rxd
    Michael: 50kg/9 (16kg/singles towards end)
    Bags: 50kg/9 (attempts)
    Alex: 75kg/7+4 rxd
    DJ Dave: 75kg/13+8+15 rxd
    Kala: 38kg/6+8+4 (12kg)
    Lisa.N: 46kg/7+8 (attempts)
    Phantom: 61kg/5+8+15 rxd
    Julie: 50kg/21+8+1 rxd
    Bove: 70kg/DNF injury

    3 rounds for time of:
    6 Muscle-ups
    30 Wall Ball, 10kg
    12 Handstand Push-ups
    15 Power Cleans, 60kg

    Drum: 12.18 rxd
    Russ: 15.28 rxd
    Chops: 18.20 (jumping MU/RR HSPU)

    12 noon:
    Anna: 60kg/23+3 rxd
    Em: 47.5kg/6+16+14 (16 feet held sit-ups)
    Sonya: 47.5kg/11+8 rxd
    Eve: 20kg 3RM/15 (12kg RR/ 2x singles)
    Emily: 43.5kg/18+2 rxd
    Russ: 82.5kg

    Cam: 80kg/17+8+3 rxd
    Kate.B: 22.5kg/20+8+17 (12kg/2x singles)
    Nikki6: 80kg/18+2 rxd
    Max: 30kg/12 (16kgRR/x2 singles)
    Tania: 43.5kg PB/15+3 (x2 singles)
    Lukey: 70kg/16+8+15 rxd
    Jess: 60kg/16 (20kg/8x Push-ups)
    Slats: 80kg/16+8 rxd
    Heather: 30kg/12 (12kg/feet held sit-ups)
    Steph: 40kg/17+8 rxd
    Jane: 40kg
    Adam: 80kg/11+8+10 rxd
    Lawrence: 40kg/14+8+3 (16kg)

    Jake: 60kg/13+6 rxd
    Lisa: 32.5kg PB/15+7 (x2 singles)
    Alain: 60kg/11 (20kg/x2 singles)

  2. wod clean up shed/gym every time I enter the shed 50kg deadlift 10 pull up 1 50kg clean next time i enter shed deadlift 10 toes to bar 1 50kg clean time after deadlift 10 1 handpull ups 1 50kg clean ect going on until i get shed cleaned up got a lot of rubbish to take out of the shed thruogh so a few trips