WOD: Wednesday

Press 5-5-5-5-5


For max reps:
4 minutes of Double-unders
3 minutes of Push-ups
2 minutes of Sit-ups
1 minute of Pull-ups

Post load and total reps to comments.

Sam mid-flight in a kneeling vertical jump.

3 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Mel: 23kg/353 (BT/Knees/green)
    Matt: 55kg/351 rxd
    Lisa.N: 23.5kg/112 (knees/blue)
    DJ Dave: 50kg/238 rxd
    Michael: 30kg 6RM/162 (KBS 16kg/knees/green)
    Bags: 30kg 8RM/408 (BT/knees/purple)
    Cam: 45kg/323 rxd
    Julie: 26kg/407 rxd
    Big Wave: 67.5kg/223 rxd
    Bove: 50kg/199 (purple)

    12 noon:
    Max: 80kg/325 rxd
    Jake: 25kg/236 rxd
    Razor: 35kg/458 rxd
    Z: 20kg/130 (jump)
    Rowan: 25kg/138 (attempts)
    Alex: 46kg/152 rxd
    Gemma: 21kg/lost count
    Anna: 37.5kg/372 rxd
    Kyle: 169 rxd

    Brett: 45.5kg/218 rxd
    Doc: 47.5kg /rxd
    Nikki6: 55kg/244 rxd
    Jane: 25kg/204 (orange)
    Sonya: 28kg/182 (orange)
    Kate B: 16kg/233 (Bt/kn/green)
    Jules: 30kg/215 (kn/green)
    Lukey: 55kg/375 rxd
    Erica: 16kg/333 (bt/kn/green)
    Russ: 67.5kg/241rxd
    Toddy: 35kg/254 (green)

    Tania: 27.5kg/247 (bt/purple)
    Lawrence: 30kg/171 rxd
    Brittany: 22.5kg/231 (knees/orange)
    Kyle: 25kg/199 rxd

  2. Yesterday (Tuesday) 10 100 Meter Sprints 1:30 time to run remainder of time is rest

    not great at sprints but pretty good consistency in the times