WOD: Wednesday

Power Clean as much weight as possible in 20 minutes.

Rules – You choose the load you will use. You may not scale the load mid-workout. Touch and go at floor only. The weight cannot rest on the floor, and you cannot re-grip. If you re-grip or rest the bar on the floor, you must complete a 400 meter run before resuming your next set of power cleans.

Scoring – Multiply the weight used by the number of power cleans completed.

Post reps and load to comments.

Compare to last time here.

2 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    (reps x kg = total load moved)

    Simon: 111 reps (sub kettlebell 16kg-12kg)
    Brad: 76x 30= 2280kg
    Bags: 77x 25=1925kg
    Julie: 139x 26=3614kg
    Matt:128x 34= 4352kg
    DJ Dave: 133x 30= 3990kg
    Phantom: 85x 40= 3400kg
    Alex: 120x 30= 3600kg
    Big Wave: 120x 40= 4800kg
    Bove: 96x 35= 3360kg
    Jane: 102x 26= 2652kg

    12 noon:
    Slayer: 101x 40= 4040kg
    Simon.M: 107 reps (sub kettlebell swings 12kg)
    Kate.B: 116x 16= 1856kg
    Doc: 132x 32.5= 4290kg
    Richo: 136x 40= 5440kg
    Sonya: 120x 20= 2400kg
    Michael: 73 reps (sub kettlebell swings 16kg)
    Jono: 71 reps (sub kettlebell swings 16kg)
    Emily: 142x 22.5= 3195kg
    Razor: 225x 20= 4500kg
    Anna: 197x 20= 3940kg

    Showtime: 80x 30= 2400kg
    Nikki6: 95x 40=3800kg
    Le’Roy: 123x 45= 5535kg
    Brett: 235x 20= 4700kg

    Tania: 150x 20= 3000kg
    Heather: 168x 16= 2688kg
    Steph: 190x 20= 3800kg
    Daya: 117x 30= 3510kg