WOD: Wednesday

For maximum load:

3 Thrusters on the minute every minute for 15 minutes.

Thruster weight may be changed between sets.


Tabata Pull-ups.

Post total load moved and least amount of Pull-up reps achieved in any of the tabata intervals to comments.

12 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Chops: 2280kg/5
    Kala: 900kg/5 jump
    Em: 1005kg/almost 1 green
    Spartacus: 2910kg/10
    DJ Dave: 2250kg/3
    Big Wave: 3030kg/5
    Le’Roy: 2505kg/5
    Julie: front squat 2025kg/1 orange
    Pilk: 2850kg/7
    Kate: 1350kg/7 purple

    800m row
    30-20-10 reps for time of:
    Deadlift 20kg
    Press 7kg

    12 noon:
    Jane: 1125kg/3 green
    Russ: 2520kg
    Lukey: 2175kg/6

    Showtime: 1070kg/8 blue
    Callum: 1070kg/7 purple

    Sam: 1545kg/6 green
    Nikki: 2520/5
    Karen: 1692 Front Squat/8 sit-ups
    Adam: 2210kg/5
    Tania: 1200kg/2 purple
    Heather: 554kg/4 blue
    Shaun: 6 reps bar work/2 green

      1. Good video.

        I’ve got two simple yoga practises for this neck/shoudler area, which also incorporate proper breathing, if you boys want a quick yoga lesson! I’ve noticed less neck pain since I’ve been doing it.

  2. you know how I’m always whinging about my neck. well welcome to the neck strain world. its not cool…

  3. Yep, im in that world of pain too! Cannot turn my head to the right! Very difficult when driving!

  4. Big wave, i reckon anyone who lifts over 3000kg needs to give a urine sample, or the name of your dealer!!!! Great work mate and also Spartacus

  5. c’mon russell, its not all about the amount of weight you lift. it’s about correct technique! i hear there are a few injuries from todays session…