WOD: Wednesday

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:

Sumo Deadlift High-Pull, 40kg (30kg)

Knees to Elbows

20m Board Jump

Post time to comments.

A “Goat” is an exercise or movement you suck at and/or have a deep distaste for.

It can include anything from running to double-unders, overhead squats or even stretching.

We should always endeavor to improve the things we suck at. Spending time in warm-ups and cool-downs to work on your “goat’ is a great way to see HUGE results and achieve great progress. So go on, go get that Goat!

Post your goat(s) to comments.

14 Responses

  1. Goat’s milk is disgusting.

    Goats: in no particular order. OHS, squat snatch, pistols, HSPU, muscle ups, cleans, GHD sit ups, snatch balance and ……..zumba.

  2. Double unders, overhead squats, deadlifts, double unders, HSPU, wall balls, double unders, running and did I mention double unders? Yeah. Plus more than likely a heap more that I’m forgetting.

  3. WOD results:

    Mel: 16.00 (20kg/HK)
    Cam: 14.56 rxd
    Russ: 12.41 rxd
    Julie: 17.18 rxd
    Big Wave Dave: 13.23
    Chops: 16.04 rxd
    DJ Dave: 15.17 (30kg)

    Tony: 2km row: 16.48

    12 noon:
    Richo: 15.17 rxd
    Sandi: 16.08 rxd
    Lukey: 16.35 rxd
    Shae: 17.19 (30kg/20kg)
    Red: 18.19 rxd

    Kate: 17.25 rxd
    Pilk: 13.29 rxd
    Showtime: 17.45 (30kg/HK)
    Doc: 15.30 rxd
    Le’Roy: 13.32 rxd
    Karen: 17.31 (20kg/sit-up)

    Emily: 19.36 rxd
    Adam: 18.01 rxd
    Steph: 20.18 rxd

    1. 7pm: Balranald NSW

      3rds for time:

      440m Run
      21 KB (32kg bulldozer roller)
      20 Push-Ups

      Stevo: 11:27

  4. Goats: rxd pull-ups; HSPU; OHS; DL; pistols; double-unders (what are these double-unders you speak of?!); but I’m really good at illness and injury.

  5. anna how many times do i have to tell u to get a motorbike so your goat can ride round on the back?

    1. Emily – you know I haven’t got any skins to ride my motor bike in as I spent all my money on a life sized Cinderella doll at Big W. The goat will just have to cope with me in my wetsuit!