WOD: Wednesday


As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
7 Deadlifts, 100kg (70kg)
Run 200m

Post load and time to comments.

7 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Shaggy: 60kg/5@50kg
    Razor: 65kg/5@ 65kg
    Kate.B: 30kg/5 @30kg
    Lisa.N: 30kg/4@30kg
    Julie: 110kg/6+7@70kg rxd
    DJ Dave: 140kg/5+7+150@100kg rxd
    Kala: 65kg/3+7@40kg
    Bove: 125kg/5@90kg
    Em: 60kg/5@16kg Back Squat
    Chops: 150kg/5+7@100kg rxd

    12 noon:
    Russ: 155kg
    Anna: 120kg PB/7+5 rxd
    Lukey: 60kg/6+7@60kg
    Cam: 170kg PB/5 rxd – sub row
    Sonya: 70kg/5+7+100 – sub row

    Emily: 90kg/5+7150@60kg
    Le’Roy: 195kg/5+10 rxd
    Nikki6: 90kg/7@60kg
    Alex: 142.5kg PB/5+2rxd
    Showtime: 90kg/5+2@60kg sub row
    Li: 90kg/5@60/40kg
    Adam: 177.5kg PB/5+5 rxd

    Big Wave: 210kg PB/6+7+150 rxd
    Doc: 175kg/5+7 rxd
    Steph: 90kg/4+7 rxd
    Kate: 110kg/5+7 rxd
    Tania: 75kg PB/3+7+100@60kg
    Shaun: 40kg/3@20kg SDHP

  2. Great effort Anna on the PB…….was awesome…….thanks for the breathing help to!!! Good lifting with you Russ!!!

    1. Thanks Cam – right back at you! Deadlifting – the only time you don’t want to breathe. Good work Julie and great technique from Sonya. Good times!!

  3. Hi Stevo – noticed you posted yesterday – good time mate! How are you going? Working/resting/playing?????

  4. Lumberjack 20 @CFGC
    Sub-city: 20x DL(60kg)/KB(16kg)/Push press(30kg)/Hands off Pushups/Chin to bar/ toes to bar/ring dips (orange) — with 400m row in between.
    Time: 24.52. HOT!

  5. Camo and Anna, truely inspirational, great lifts by everyone as well
    Leroy and big Dave, M- – A — T—E.