WOD: Wednesday

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
7 Hang Squat Clean, 60kg (40kg)
Run 200m

Post completed rounds to comments.

11 Responses

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  1. WOD results:

    Tania: 6+7 (25kg)
    Julie: 9+7+150 (30kg)
    Stevo: 5+7+180 rxd
    Stef: 8 rxd
    Dave: DNF- injury 6+7 rxd
    Alex: 7+1 (50kg)
    Chops: 7+7 (50kg)

    12 noon:
    Amanda: 7 (23.5kg)
    Doc: 6+7+100 (50kg)
    Robbie: 8+3 rxd
    Emily: 8+7 (30kg)
    Anna: 9+3 rxd


    Andrew.F: 8+2 (20kg)
    Alex.S: 8+7 (40kg)
    Jess: 9+14 (sub KB snatch 12kg/row)
    Le’Roy: 8 rxd
    Sonya: 8+6 (16kg)
    Kate: 8+7 (30kg)
    Tristen: 7+7+100 (40kg)
    Jane: 8+7 (16kg)

    Steph: 7 (30kg)
    Adam: 7+2 (50kg)
    Lukey: 7+7 (50kg)

  2. Great job this morning guys! See y’all in a couple weeks and no carpet snaking without me! =P

  3. 8am:
    Beach run (Distance TBA, I am going to start posting these when I can’t do the WOD from home)
    Alli: 11.51