WOD: Wednesday

4 x 800m Run

Each run starts on the minute, every 10 minutes.

Post times to comments.

Compare to last time here.

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  1. WOD results:

    Bove: 3.10/3.11/3.14/3.12
    Chops: 3.22/3.26/3.30/3.28

    Where were my tough Tasmanian CrossFitters this frosty spring morning?

    Modified Nicole
    For max Ring pull-ups, AMRAP 15 min:
    Max ring pull-ups
    Row 250m
    Tony: 150

    Alli: 4.26/4.42/4.54/4.56

    12 noon:
    Alex: 2.47/3.08/3.15/3.06

    Katelyn: 3.00/3.22/3.20/3.18
    Shai: 3.21/3.35/3.32/3.33
    Stevo: 2.27/2.32/2.40/2.35
    Le’Roy: 2.53/3.05/3.07/3.01
    Stef: 2.41/2.35/2.44/2.45
    Kate: 3.44/3.38/3.31/3.31
    Pilk: 2.39/2.50/2.57/2.51
    Lukey: 2.47/2.50/2.54/2.53
    Cam: 2.57/3.17/3.16/3.13

    Adam: 2.34/2.45/2.51/2.54
    Emily: 3.06/3.11/3.17/3.17
    Tania: 4.11/4.22/4.22/4.23
    Steph: 3.47/3.55/3.57/3.58

    1. Apparently you only have 2 tough Crossfitters DW!!
      Everyone else went soft at the sight of a heavy frost!
      Think it was about the last 800 that my hands sort of warmed up!

      1. Well i was vomiting on the toilet thanks to a healthy dose of kiddie gastro! is that a reasonable excuse? Nah……You’re right i’m just being soft!

  2. Howdy guys Im coming down to Tassie tomorrow for a little holiday away from the sun. so ill be seeing you all soon! Yeah!

    800m runs in the frost sounds pretty nasty.

    Hope your feeling better soon Em.