WOD: Wednesday

Today we are asking all participants to please donate what you can towards the Commando Welfare Trust Fund in honour of these fallen Aussie soldiers. A collection tin will be provided.

“Galagher and McDonald”
2 mates, 2 heroes, 2 rounds, 1 WOD

2 rounds for time:
200m Run
16 KB Swings, 24kg/16kg
16 Pullups
16 Front Squats, 50kg/35kg
200m Run
14 KB Swings, 24kg/16kg
14 Pullups
14 Front Squats, 50kg/35kg
200m Run
12 KB Swings, 24kg/16kg
12 Pullups
12 Front Squats, 50kg/35kg

To clarify:
Athlete One Runs 200m and completes 16 KBS, 16 PU and 16 FS before high-fiving Athlete Two who now Runs 200m, 14 KBS, 14 PU and 14 FS who now hands off to Athlete One again to Run 200m and complete the 12s and so on until the 2 rounds are complete.

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