WOD: Wednesday

For time:
50 Double-unders
10 Knees to Elbows
40 Double-unders
10 Knees to Elbows
30 Double-unders
10 Knees to Elbows
20 Double-unders
10 Knees to Elbows
10 Double-unders
10 Knees to Elbows

Finisher: Tabata Sit-ups

Post time and tabata score to comments.

11 Responses

  1. WOD results:
    hk= high knees

    Luke: 17.11 rxd / 11
    Julie: 9.08 (hk) / 18
    Doc: 9.24 (hk) / 10
    Kala: 18.13 (hk) / 10
    Emma: 18.14 (single x2/hk) / 2
    Bove: 18.25 rxd / 9
    Una: 10.38 (hk) / 20
    Chops: 11.46 rxd / 12

    12 noon:
    Anna: 5.15 rxd / 13
    Emily: 8.29 (hk) / 11
    Sandi: 7.30rxd / 11
    Alex: 13.19 rxd / 8
    Tania: 8.15 (attempts/hk) / 12
    Steph: 7.14 (attempts/hk) / 6

    Luke: 10.38 rxd / 11

    Andrew.F: 6.21 (bar taps/HK) / 8
    Le’Roy: 6.26 (HK) / 11
    Stevo: 5.31 rxd / 15

    Steph: 13.29 (HK) / 6
    Heather: 6.47 (bar taps/HK) / 8

  2. Some Great numbers attending the box today! Keep it up guys!
    Although where has that Stevo bloke been??

        1. I have nothing – I will say it in the most family friendly was as posiible – I’m a VJ and I need a teaspoon of cement and a glass of water and hard’n’up! I need to do some soul searching to find the warrior within?? Searching…….nope couldn’t find one! Sorry 🙁

          1. Come on Stevo, you can do it. You just need one good, soul destroying session at CF42S and you will be right.

  3. CHOPS……if you kindly scroll up and look at the 5pm session, you will notice my attendance. Once you have located me on the nominal roll, please scroll up further to the 6:15am session, where you will find your own name, now that you are there, please have a look at your performance today (and try to remember it, i know its hard!) and now scroll back down and locate me, are you there? Good! Now, how does it feel to be dominated today by someone who has no neuromuscular receptor response with in his region?? (this is not the unfamily friendly area either)My question to you is “What was your excuse today?” When I wake in the morning I look forward to your response and to the friendly banter 🙂 Sweet dreams gorgeous :-*

    1. Mate, no excuses from me. I’ll just wear the time i got!
      For you, maybe take your own advise and just find that teaspoon of cement and HARD’N’UP champ!
      Best way to recover is do another workout!

      P.S. Nice coffee with you this morning!