WOD: Wednesday


50-40-30-20-10 rep rounds for time of:



Post time to comments.

Compare to last time here.

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  1. WOD results:

    Kala: 14.01 (single x2)
    Emma: 18.30 (single x2)
    Andrew: 21.17 rxd

    Alli: 10.00 rxd PB

    Sandi: 11.13 rxd

    Alex: 18.03 rxd

    Le’Roy: 9.13 rxd PB
    Kate: 12.58 (attempts)
    Doc: 10.09 rxd PB

    Adam: 15.05 rxd
    Luke: 13.14 rxd
    Chops: 8.21 rxd PB
    Heather: 10.42 (single x2)
    Steph: 11.35 (attempts)
    Tania: 10.58 (attempts)
    Doc: 8.58 rxd PB (Doc backed up for a second time as he wanted to beat Le’Roy’s score)

    Some big PB’s today Team CF42s.

  2. Hey Drum
    Love this photo! The girls and Daniel dropped into coastal for last nights Wod! It seems everyone from Tassie can run like crazy, what are you guys on down there?
    It was great to see them and Anna kicked my ass again, I forgot to tell Chris to fix the Wod for stuff that isnt her strong point. Anyway the three of them sure as hell got us to run quicker trying to keep up. xx Suey

    1. Hi Suey,
      Alli here, great to hear you connecting with our fellow Taswegians. What are we on? Well Anna and Dan have supplied us with samples of all sorts of amazing produce from their little farm since we have arrived including, would you believe it blue eggs!!

      1. Hi Alli,
        Yeah Taswegians they are awesome! I will definitely be honing in on some of Anna’s nutrition secrets.
        Blue eggs?? Please don’t tell me they come from blue chickens!