WOD: Wednesday

Thanks to Chris Saliba from Coastal CrossFit for this great Birthday WOD.

“Thirty 2”
For time:
32 Burpees
32 Thrusters, 40kg (30kg)
32 Pull-ups
32 Overhead Squats 40kg (30kg)
32 Box-jumps

Athletes working against a continuously running 2 minute cycle with 32 Double-unders performed on the minute every 2 minutes. In the remaining time complete as much work as possible. Complete work chipper style.

Post time to comments.

18 Responses

  1. Happy birthday big rig!!! Hope you have a belta, ill see you at the hard’dn up challenge next week.

  2. Happy Birthday Drum!!!

    Hope you have a great day, from all the clan.

    Looking forward to catching up in Brisbane, got a carer for Quinn for the day so both Sneaky and Me will be rolling through to Bris Vegas, Sneaky spectating, I’m competing. (As long as they don’t ban power balance bands…)

    Say Hi to the little women in your life from us too.

  3. Happy Birthday Drum! Hope you have an awesome day!

    I hope WOD “32” was fantastic…let us know how it went!!!

    Miss you guys, will have to come and visit!!

  4. WOD results:
    (25 minute cut-off)

    Luke: 18.20 (bar taps/10kg)
    Alex: c/o 17 box jumps (bar taps/30kg/16kg/purple)
    Chops: c/o 11 push-ups (30kg/sub pull-ups with push-ups)
    Le’Roy: c/o 19 Overhead Squats (green)
    Andrew: c/o 16 Overhead Squats (bar taps/30kg/16kg/purple)
    Stef: c/o 26 Overhead Squats rxd
    Drum: 13.41 rxd
    Jess: sick – photos!

    Jess.W: 23.46 (bar taps/20kg/Blue/16kg)

    Tania: c/o 19 box jumps (bar taps/25kg/blue/16kg/18″)
    Michelle From Coastal CrossFit! 21.53 (bar taps/20kg/green/10kg/18″)
    Marvellous Emily: 23.05 (20 Double unders/25kg/Purple/16kg)

  5. happy birthday woodrow! That wods insane! Hope you have an awesome day of recovery after that. By the way whats the cutoff for this wod? 35mins or 30?

    1. 25 minutes mate.
      If you have some boys who struggle with double-unders get them to jump and touch a bar about 1 foot from reach with both hands. 1 jump = 1 double-under. (bar-taps)

  6. Happy birthday Drummondo!
    I’ll have a drink or two at the World Bar here in Queenstown to celebrate. Hope everyone’s well and smashing the WODs, looking forward to getting back into it when I’m back next week. 🙂 Adam

  7. Happy Birthday Drummond, don’t forget your birthday burpies (the WOD doesn’t count) and remember to say “Yay Burpies” lol

    Hope that you have a fantastic day

  8. Happy Birthday Drummond.

    Sorry I can’t be there to produce a beer for you after the WOD. Hope you have a great day.


  9. Happy Birthday Drummond!

    Hope everything is going great for you guys down there. Look forward to catching up next weekend 🙂

    P.S. That Birthday WOD looks horrible!! And Chris got away with 31 lousy burpees for his bday!! GOOD LUCK

  10. happy bday woodrow from the boys in darwin, pedro -23.23(bar taps) murto-23.54( 30kg thrusters and ohs, bar taps) walshy- 19.37(bar taps, 30kg thrusters, 20kg ohs)

  11. Hey Drum

    Whats happening? and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! You kicked butt on that wicked birthday Wod, although I think a 32kg KB could have been included, Chris must be getting soft to leave that out. Look forward to seeing you next weekend at Hard n Up.
    Hope you had a great day xxxx Suey

  12. me: c/o 18 ohs rxd
    Pearso: c/o 3 ohs rxd
    Dom: 23.30 (bar taps, 20kg thruster, jumping pu’s, 20kg ohs, 24inch box)
    Azza: c/o 10 ohs (20kg thruster, jumping pu’s, wooden bar ohs)

    That wod took all of us to a dark place, thanks for sharing it. Lol. Hope you had a sweet day woodrow! Cheers from all of us here at amberley.

  13. Happy B’day Woodrow. Good WOD!!

    Pearso: c/o 3 OHS rxd
    Peeps: c/o 18 OHS rxd
    Dom: 23.?? (30kg thrusters and OHS, bar taps)
    Azza: umm not sure? peeps, you know?
    And to the old fart that turned off our music mid-WOD, I say ‘If you wanna listen to kenny G softly while you workout, go join a country club and GET OUT OF MY GYM!!’