WOD: Tuesday

In partners accumulate as much time as possible within 3 minutes for each station of:
Handstand Hold against Wall
Ring Support


Overhead Squat 5-5-5-5-5

Post loads to comments.

Congratulations to Eve and Adam who attended the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course in Sydney on the weekend.

8 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Julian: 25kg Bar work
    Martin: 40-45kg
    Matt: 50-60kg
    DJ Dave: 62.5-70kg
    Josh: 35kg bar work
    Sheree: 22.5-27.5kg
    Lisa.N: 40-45kg
    Leisha: 25-32.5kg
    Shaggy: 40kg
    Dancey: 40-45kg
    Tasha: 25-35kg
    Ant: 16kg bar work
    Bove: 50-55kg

    For time:
    20 Muscle-ups
    25 Lowers from inverted hang on rings
    30 Ring Handstand Push-ups
    35 Ring rows
    40 ring Push-ups

    Russ: 19.57 rxd
    Chops: 29.33 (HSPU)
    Jimmy: 45.39 (neg HSPU on paralettes)
    Drum: still going (HSPU on paralettes)

    Eve: 40-50kg
    Jason: 30-32.5kg
    Alice: 20-30kg
    Rob: 40-45kg
    Mark.I: 16kg bar work

    Le’Roy: 55-62.5kg
    Nick.W: 40-50kg
    Joel: 16kg bar work
    Julie: 40-50kg
    Esther: 10kg bar work
    Mike: 20-35kg
    Leandra: 25-30kg
    Tan: 40kg
    Jake: 60kg
    Weg: 62.5-81kg

    Big Wave: 70-90kg
    Tommi.G: 45-55kg
    Adam.K: 16kg bar work
    Shell: 20-26kg
    Jono: 60-62.5kg
    Liam: 35-37.5kg
    Clair: 20-25kg
    Scott: 10kg bar work

    Kyle: 60-65kg
    Simon: 40kg
    Pete: 10kg bar work
    Tom: 75-80kg
    Jess: 40kg
    Lukey: 40kg
    Scott.L: 30kg
    Nic: 20kg bar work
    Sonya: 20kg barwork
    Jaci: 16-20kg
    Coleman: 20kg bar work
    Adam.M: 50-57.5kg
    Alain: 70-75kg
    Lawrence: 40-42.5kg

  2. Shell, I’m not sure Marley ‘The Hammer’ Williamson likes you very much after trying to break his leg 😉

  3. BW Dave – I felt terrible too ;0 but I totally gave Marley big cuddles afterwards and even a sneaky drink of water 😉