WOD: Tuesday

Overhead Squat 3-3-3-3-3

Finisher: Max Burpees in 3 minutes.

Post loads and burpees to comments.

7 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Ant: bar work/39 maybe
    Julie: 51kg/46
    Matt: 65kg/60
    DJ Dave: 75kg/74
    Lindsey: 50kg/48
    Sheree: 27.5kg/32
    Dancey: bar work/44
    Tasha: 20kg/47
    Kate: 42.5kg47
    Lisa.N: 48.5kg/40

    Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1
    Cam: 110kg/117.5kg
    Russ: 110kg-130kg
    Drum: 120kg-140kg

    Max Kettlebell Swings in 4 min:
    Drum: 104 rxd
    Cam: lost count but not far off DW

    Phantom: 53.4kg/57
    Eve: 55kg/44
    Rob: 45kg/46
    Lex: bar work/40

    Weg: 65kg/52
    Tan: 46kg/37
    Doc: 50kg/52
    Sanch: 35kg/38
    Simon: 50kg/54
    Jake: 62.5kg/50
    Slats: 50kg/63
    Slayer: 60kg/60
    Kate.B: 27.5kg
    Leandra: 27kg/37
    Liam.W: 30kg/49
    Esther: bar work/41
    Tommi.G: 58.5kg/53
    Le’Roy: 70kg/54
    Alex: 55kg/62

    Brett: pull-up work/50
    Emily: 45kg/47
    Cat: 25kg/43
    Shell: 30kg/48
    Murph: 65kg/48
    Kyle: 70kg/70
    Timmy: 30kg/61
    Tom: 80kg/55
    Frank: 60kg/81
    Eleni: 30kg/45
    Rowan: bar work/45
    Chris: 60kg/52
    Alice: 25kg/57
    Adam: 70kg/57

    Peter: 20kg/48
    Nick: 65kg/60
    Alain: 67.5kg/46
    Jess: 50kg/50
    Lukey: 45kg/57
    Adam.M: 55kg/44
    Edwin: 30kg/45
    Shaggy: 32.5kg/47
    Sandy: 30kg/61

    1. CFWX
      Max Kettlebell Swings in 4 min:
      Russ: 96 rxd
      Curtis: 93 rxd

      Cam I reckon if you lose count, start again at zero!

  2. I disagree…..I reckon if your doing the movement with quality of movement and at the best of your ability, then the count doesn’t matter…..I did the work…..it’s all that matters!!!

  3. Cam the only way to settle this is to Hug it out, not for time or reps but quality.

    1. I agree….I reckon we can do that, have to have good technique on the approach into the hug, set the core and drive with the hips 🙂

      We’ll practice tomorrow!!!