WOD: Tuesday

5 rounds for time of:

12 Front Squat, 70kg/50kg

12 Burpee Box-jumps

Post time to comments.

12 Responses

  1. 6.15am:

    Leisha: 11.12 (25kg)
    Lindsey: 12.17 (35kg)
    Mel: 13.00 (21kg/16″)
    Tasha: 12.46 (20kg)
    Jaci: 14.33 (20kg)
    Sheree: 15.46 (25kg)
    Ant: 18.26 (16kg)
    Jules: 12.14 (40kg)
    Matt: 12.59 rxd
    DJ Dave: 13.22 rxd
    Jimmy: 10.46 rxd
    Dancey: 25.45 (30kg)
    Simon: 14.33 (42.5kg)
    Lisa N: 13.11 (32.5kg)
    Bove: 17.34 (50kg)
    Hristo: 15.25 (30kg/20″)
    Kyle: 14.56 (60kg)
    Slayer: 12.52 rxd

    30 Muscle Ups for time:

    Chops: 9.34 rxd

    1. PS. Whoever’s black Ipod that was in the stereo should receive 1000 BURPEES.
      BALLARD sounding crap music should not be listed under the playlist CROSSFIT!!!! DAMMIT!!!!

      1. By Far the my Hardest WOD for me as my time shows. Thanks to everyone for Getting Behind me and pushing me to the End!

        1. Great that you pushed through and didnt give up mate. All in good time! We will work on your shoulder flexibility and get those front squats perfect! You have just found yourself a “GOAT” as we too all have a long list of difficult to perform tasks!

      2. don’t be hating on power ballads Chops. They made the 80s what they were – an awesome decade to be born in.

  2. Cheers dj…chopsy, amazing effort for 30 muscle ups…I feel like I will never get there

  3. Never say never Jimmy!

    Constantly varied music….better than 24/7 of agro, kill yourself music.

    Nice work Chops.

  4. WoD Results:


    Em: 13:26 (40kg)
    Tan: 15:24 (30kg)
    Weg: 18:15 (60kg)
    Chris: 15:23 (60kg)
    Alex: 16:49 (50kg)
    Esther: 11:41 (25kg)
    Jake: 19:19 (60kg)
    Nick: 19:27 (50kg)
    Leandra: 13:09 (30kg, step-ups)
    Showtime: 16:53 (50kg)


    Jess: 10:19 (30kg)
    Cat: 14:24 (20kg)
    Liam W.: 21:31 (50kg)
    Shell: 13:17 (20kg)
    Scotty: 12:35 (50kg)
    Jose: 17:12 rxd
    Luke D.: squat clinic


    Le’roy: 17:00 rxd
    Timmy: 13:54 (40kg)
    Frank: 11:25 rxd
    Dave W.: squat clinic
    Alain: 15:28 (60kg)
    Sarah C.: 15:56 (30kg)
    Nick C.: 14:07 (45kg)
    Sandy: 18:08 (55kg)