WOD: Tuesday

4 x 800m Run

Each run starts on the minute, every 10 minutes.

Post times to comments.

Do you really eat right?

A big congratulations to the Australian athletes who competed at the CrossFit Games this weekend. A big standout was Chad Mackay from CrossFit Active who placed 12th overall in the Open Mens. Overall placings can be found – here. Archived footage of the events can be found – here.

13 Responses

  1. jess… are you coming tonight? i’m ok with what you were wearing last night – just wanted you to know….

  2. hey c’mon… todays workout looks boring as bat shit… need some inspiration

  3. RAAF Amberley
    Malan: 7.37 (35kg)
    Pearso: 5.07 (40kg) I’d like to thank Pukie the Clown for taking time out of his busy schedule to teach me how to take my training to the next level! It was great to finally meet him.

      1. 33 million dollar gym and no 1.25kg plates? Go and have a chat with the PTI’s mate.

  4. WOD results:
    Miles: 2.34/3.01/3.07/3.04

    Jess: 3.10/3.30/4.04/3.21
    Leigh-Roy: 3.08/3.14/3.12/2.59

    Anna: 2.42/2.41/2.41/2.39
    Jess.W: 3.37/3.43/3.43/3.44
    Adam: 2.39/2.35/2.39/2.48
    Doc: 3.21/3.24/3.21/3.19
    Tania: 4.51/4.55/5.02/5.02

    Run to Ball and Chain and back:
    Wendles: 35min
    Heather: 35 min

  5. completed todays wod balls to the wall, lungs froze half way through, but with no stop watch. Lol.

    Pearso nice fran time mate. Super awesomeness! I wouldn’t expect anything less.