WOD: Tuesday

“The Grizzly Bear”

Check the “Bear Complex” here.

Attempt five complexes. Rest as needed between complexes. One complex is seven rounds of:
1 Power Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Push Press
1 Back Squat
1 Push Press

Pick your start weight and try to go up each attempt.
Don’t get greedy with that start weight.
The bar should only tap the floor before starting the power cleans in between rounds.
If you let go of the bar at any point during the seven rounds, it is a failed attempt.
You can combine movements. You can do a squat clean into a thruster into a back squat and into a rack thruster. You can deadlift off the floor (after you tap and go) and do a hang power clean. The combinations are endless.
You can rest while holding the bar at any part of the body.
You have five attempts.
Go for it!!!

Post weight of each attempt to comments.

8 Responses

  1. Love when a photo is posted of you looking like a total R-tard! …… and don’t say that is how a always look. Watch our site tomo DW – I have a good one of you!

        1. OOhhh them are fighten words. This is why i stay away from Camera’s

  2. From CF42s email…

    On call in hospital staircase WOD

    2 X
    50 overhead squat (with drip stand ~ 7 kg)
    50 double unders
    50 push ups
    6 flight stair run




  3. WOD results:

    Lindsey: 35kg
    Matt: 45kg
    DJ Dave; 60kg
    Julie: 42.5kg
    Sarah: 25kg
    Leisha: 25kg
    Martin: 30kg
    Sheree: 25kg
    Jaci: 30kg
    Tasha: 30kg
    Lisa.B: 20kg
    Jerka: 42.5kg
    Lisa.N: 40kg
    Curtis: 30kg
    Stuart: 32.5kg

    Russ: 70kg
    Chops: 50kg
    Griz: 45kg
    Drum: 75kg
    Jimmy: 70kg

    Alice: 30kg
    Sanch: 25kg
    Eve: 30kg
    Rob: 40kg
    Sandy: 45kg
    Yaro: 50kg
    Simon: 40kg
    Tommi.G: 42.5kg
    Clair: 20kg
    Emma: 30kg

    Tan: 35kg
    Doc: 50kg
    Codi: 32.5kg
    Leandra: 22.5kg
    Brad: 50kg
    Slayer: 50kg
    Sarah.R: 20kg
    Weg: 50kg
    Slats: 60kg
    Le’Roy: 50kg
    Ben: 40kg
    Brett: 60kg
    Karen: 32.5kg
    Nick Coleman: 45kg
    Esther: 22.5kg
    Jake: 50kg
    Brit: 30kg
    Kate: 32.5kg
    Nick: 40kg
    Sarah.C: 25kg

    Nikki6: 55kg
    Jose: 50kg
    Liam.W: 60kg
    Nick.W: 45kg
    Phantom: 45kg
    Razor: 45kg
    Eleni: 30kg
    Chris: 55kg
    Murph: 45kg
    Jono: 50kg
    Alex: 52.5kg
    Kate.B: 20kg
    Cat: 25kg
    Frank: 60kg
    Adam: 50kg
    Nic: 52.5kg
    Sparta: 60kg

    Tom: 65kg
    Kyle: 50kg
    Jac: 25kg
    Lukey: 50kg
    Cam: 60kg
    Alain: 55kg
    Adam.M; 50kg
    Timmy: 36kg
    Jess: 35kg