WOD: Tuesday


30 reps for time of:

Snatch, 60kg (40kg)

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  1. Hey Guys – thanks for all the love for DW and I over the weekend. It makes such a difference to have the texts, messages and calls of support…..it is a jungle out there!

    Just a heads up to anyone who would like to order a CFWX t-shirt or hoodie: first round orders close on Fri. If you are keen, just send me an email thru the site.

    1. Totally agree Anna – thanks so much to the CrossFit Tasmania crew for all the support. Love you all.

  2. WOD results:

    Option A:
    30 reps for time at a non-rxd weight.
    Option B:
    AMRAP 10 min of Snatch at a lower load
    Option C:
    AMRAP 10 min of Hang Snatch at a lower load

    Julie: B. 89 (30kg)
    Em: B. 109 (7kg)
    Sarah: C. ? (3kg)
    Martin: C. ? (3kg)
    Sheree: B. 73 (16kg)
    Lisa.N: B.56 (30kg)
    Lindsey: 3.39 rxd
    Yaro: 5.56 rxd
    Bove: 7.14 (42.5kg)

    Russ: 4.10 rxd
    Chops: 10.05 rxd

    Tom.G: C. 112 (7kg)
    Ash: B. 86 (30kg)
    Simon: B. 70 (30kg)
    Slayer: 3.12 (45kg)

    4pm Open Gym:
    Jess: B. 64 (30kg)
    Cardio Challenge:
    Mark: 12.54
    Kate.B: 17.01
    Slayer: 12.58/100 burpees for time: 6.32
    Brett: 12.49

    Razor: 5.25 (45kg)
    Jason: C. >80 (3kg)
    Caitlin: C. 101 (3kg)
    Cam: 2.43 rxd
    Le’Roy: 3.44 rxd
    Spartacus: 4.15 rxd
    Alice: C. 142 (3kg)
    Alex: 3.59 (50kg)
    Jose: 3.53 (45kg)
    Karen: CC: 15.04 (4x PU kn)

    Tom: 2.57 rxd
    Jaci: C. 94 (3kg)
    Big Wave: 2.07 rxd
    Frank: C. 121 (3kg)
    Chris: 5.17 (50kg)
    Tania: B. 72 (25kg)
    Adam: 4.22 (50kg) – 1st Muscle-up!
    Eve: B. 78 (20kg)
    Adam.M: B. 66 (35kg)
    Kyle: 3.40 (50kg)
    Alain: 3.47 (50kg)
    Steph: B. 94 (35kg)

    Some great lifting today guys. Well done to the athletes who experienced the Snatch for the first time. Your patience with learning this fine movement will be rewarded.

    Congrats to Adam for achieving his first muscle-up!

    1. Well done Adam…….awesome stuff…….you’ll smash it even more now!!!