WOD: Tuesday

Thrusters 3-3-3

How effective your Thruster will be depends a lot on how good your Front Squat is and how much power you generate from an explosive hip drive.


As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
20 Double-unders
10 Wall ball shots 10kg (6kg)

Post load and rounds to comments.

16 Responses

  1. WOD results:


    Andrew: 40kg/6+40+2 (6kg/bar taps x2)
    Chops: 40kg/3+20+2 rxd
    Leigh-Roy: 40kg/5+8 rxd
    Griz: 40kg/8 (6kg/bar taps x2)
    1 Mile: 50kg/6+7 rxd

    Yesterday’s WOD:
    Alli: 4/3+3+5/3+3+6+3/3+1/4=327 reps (30kg/knees)

    Jess: 45kg/8 (wall ball 6kg/GHD sit-ups x10)
    Richo: 65kg/11+20+4 rxd
    Tom: 52.5kg/DNF injury
    Stevo: 60kg/10+20+3 rxd
    Doc: 57.5kg/6 (6kg)

    Stephanee: 20kg (box)/10+2 (single/10kg thrusters)
    Wendles: 16kg (box)/9 (side jumps/5kg thrusters)
    Tracy: 16kg (box)/8+20+9 (single/5kg thrusters)
    Tania: 22.5kg/3+20+3 (attempts/20kg thrusters)
    Heather 16kg (box)/7 (single/5kg thrusters)

  2. Happy Birthday Scott ( I remembered).

    You will be able to share the “special paleo cake” with Emily on Sat. Bet you can’t wait?!

  3. walsh: 60kg/4+20+5rxd dom: 60kg/4+5 8kg pedro: 70kg/6+20+3rxd murto: 50kg/4+11 8kg

  4. first, that picture is genius
    second, is there any meat in that paleo cake?
    third, i agree, nipples!

    1. Are you coming down Miles? Only then will you know what the cake will be made of.

      I will leave the boys joke right alone.

      1. I’m not a boy! But I also may not have a clue what they’re talking about.
        Save me some ‘cake’ Anna? With regret, I can’t come down on Saturday, have to work. 🙁

        1. No Jess, you are not. AND “heads up” I don’t think you will want some of the cake.

  5. For the record, GHD situps are NOT = to double unders.
    I’ll let you guys know ALL about it over the next few days.

        1. Well I didn’t read that so I’ll be quiet now haha. Eh, I now have bruises on top of my bruises. That’s always fun.