WOD: Tuesday

Team WOD:

For time, in teams of 3 perform:
60 Back Squats, 60kg (40kg)
Row 3km
60 Deadlift, 100kg (70kg)
15 rounds of Cindy (5 Pull-ups, 10 Push-ups, 15 Squats)

*Only one team member may work at a time.
*Back Squats must be spotted by the resting team members.
*The exercises may be performed in any order however the work must be completed before proceeding to the next exercise.

Post team time to comments.

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  1. Drum, shame on you trying to pose as Russ. Don’t take it out on the Zap car just because it has a reverse camera.

  2. WOD results:

    Team 1: 34.30
    Shaggy: (70kg DL/50kg BS)
    Razor: (70kg DL/50kg BS)
    Mark: (70kg DL/50kg BS/green)

    Team 2: 32.57
    Matt: rxd
    Bove: rxd

    Team 3: 34.22
    Kate.B: (50kg DL/40kg BS RR 20″/jump/knees/RR)
    Julie: rxd
    Lisa.N: (green/knees)

    Chops: mobility
    Russ: mobility

    Goat WOD
    21-15-9 reps for time of:
    Overhead Squat, 40kg
    Handstand Push-up

    Nikki6: 12.01 rxd
    Brett: 17.27 (30kg/RR neg)

    Team 1: 30.44
    Cam: rxd
    Eve: (50kg DL/green)
    Jane: rxd

    Team 1: 20.05 (40 BS/40 DL/2k/10 cindy)
    Kate: rxd
    Sonya: rxd

    Team 2: 25.23
    Red: rxd
    Spartacus: rxd
    Le’Roy: rxd

    Team 3: 30.48
    Nick.W: (60kg DL)
    Jake: (60kg DL)
    Chris: (60kg DL)

    Team 4: 26.32
    John: rxd
    Slayer: rxd
    Ben: rxd

    Team 5: 28.00
    Brett: rxd
    Adam: rxd

    Team 1: 24.44
    Yaro: rxd
    Tom; rxd
    Alain: rxd

    Team 2: 39.27
    Tania: (50kg DL/purple)
    Lisa: (50kg/green)
    Ally: Squat x2/20kg DL/jump/knees/RR)