WOD: Tuesday

Back Squat

Tabata Push-ups

Post loads and tabata score to comments.

Post best caption to comments!

24 Responses

  1. WOD results:
    (Back Squat Load/Tabata Push-up score)

    Miles: 90kg/7rxd
    Andrew: 50kg/7 knee
    Chops: 55kg/10 knee

    Drummond 100kg/14rxd

    Tania: 35kg/7 knee
    Marvellous Emily: 40kg/8 knee
    Jess: 52.5kg/10knee/8rxd
    Doc: 70kg/6 knee
    Max: 100kg/16rxd
    Leigh-Roy: 100kg/8rxd
    Adam: 80kg/5rxd

  2. From one of my non-crossfit mates:
    “I know Moses carved the 10 commandments into stone but did we really need to do the same with the Crossfit rules? Carrying this rock around to all the WOD is killing my back!”.

  3. 11.30am

    75kg/5 rxd I would have made 6 but peeps put his foot on my back on the last rep!

    1. “hey woodrow, someone photoshopped that sheep out and put a rock on it’s place!”

  4. 11.30am with pearso

    75kg/ 6rxd Just beat pearso cuz i stood on his back. lol

    ps. Anna that’s awesome. unit!!!!!