WOD: Tuesday

Normal training resumes today. See you in the box!

Deadlift 2-2-2-2-2


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 rep rounds for time of:
Deadlift @ Body Weight

Post load and time to comments.

5 Responses

  1. West Winds
    6.15 am

    400m run
    30 OHS (35/25)
    21 Pull ups

    Anna: 13.05 rxd
    Daniel: 15.23 rxd
    Lisa: 16.55 (20kg/red band)
    Phil: 17.15 (25kg)
    Claire: 17.46 (12kg/red band)

    200m run
    15 OHS
    10 pull ups

    Lochie: 7.32 (6kg/red band)

  2. Why is everyone laughing at me? It is harder than it looks i obviously dont have the hula hoop gene, or if you have seen me train, no real important gene worth mentioning. I do however have a fast car! which incidentally cannot drive fast anyway… oh what’s the use!!!

  3. WOD results:

    Julie: 112.5kg PB/6.49 rxd (60kg)
    Chops: 165kg/7.26 rxd (85kg)
    Drum: 165kg/5.06 rxd (80kg)

    Cam: 155kg/5.56 rxd (80kg)
    Alex: 135kg/8.0 rxd (75kg)
    Adam: 165kg/7.00 rxd (80kg)

    Tania: 70kg/15.41 (60kg)
    Kate.B: 50kg/9.08 rxd (51kg)
    Jess: 90kg/10.51 rxd (65kg)
    Lisa: 70kg/10.26 (55kg)
    Sonya: 100kg!/9.47 (60kg)
    Showtime: 100kg/15.48 rxd (80kg)
    Andre: 50kg/14.34 (50kg)
    Callum: 90kg/DNF
    Steph: 90kg/9.40 rxd (60kg)
    Heather: 65kg/12.20 (50kg)
    Karen: 72kg/10.17 (65kg)
    Lex: 50kg/7.28 (51kg)
    Jane: 80kg/7.45 (60kg)
    Lawrence: 40kg/7.05 (60kg)
    Jeremy: 100kg/8.04 (60kg)
    Slats: 125kg/9.49 rxd (90kg)
    Slayer: 110kg/6.51 rxd (85kg)
    Lukey: 125kg/6.49 rxd (75kg)

  4. West winds 6.15 am
    Carolyn 16.50
    400m run
    30 o’head lunge 15kg plate ( had no bar for OHS)
    21 pull ups