WOD: Tuesday

Hang Snatch



Tabata Row for distance.

Post loads and distance rowed to comments.

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  1. Nice set up brother, who’s the big MO FO in the background doing the jump chins. Tell him to put his shirt back on his in tassie now not on the sunny coast.

    1. ha, with 50 pull ups at the end of the workout i was losing all the weight i could, i would have taken my pants off if Drummond didnt have a camera.

  2. WOD results:

    Stevo: 20kg/1018m
    Stef: 20kg/958m
    Doc: 20kg/971m
    Chops: 20kg/951m
    Miles: 20kg/835m
    Andrew: 20kg/818m
    Leigh: 20kg/1001m

    5 rounds for time of:
    40m Overhead walk 85kg
    30 Wall Ball Shots 10kg
    40m Farmers carry 2x 42.5kg Barbells

    Drummond: 29.56 rxd

    Max: 20kg/1109m
    Tania: Prac’ bar/813m
    Pete: 20kg/949m
    Anna: 20kg/885m
    Emily: 16kg/819m
    Adam: 20kg/ 955m

  3. doc – congratulations today my man… you really excelled and i could see you really put the hurt on! want to see more of that… oh and good to see you in the water, got some really good waves. still first out of the water but geez you wouldn’t know you hadn’t been in the water for months!

    1. Thats a pretty good effort. I think it probably covers the “say 3 nice things about Doc” in one hit. You guys can now resume the usual sledging….

      1. Well well. Three nice things.

        Leigh you surfed hard the other day which was proven by knocking two of your fins off. Your hair is perfect every morning regardless of whether you have applied yourself. And gee I think you might actually be reading the whether correctly so we can make use of our surf day. Well done!

  4. Hey Drum…pretty neat box…looking forward to come and try it out!!!

    How’s my little princess doing??? You need to post an update for us.

    Miss you…

    1. Hey Maren,
      I miss you too.
      Ruby and Alli are doing tops.
      Hope you and the fam’ are doing great – I look forward to having you guys down!

  5. There was some awesome SNATCH this morning – I think Leigh’s snatch watch the cleanest, unlike Chops and mine, very dirty. Big D – My weekly challenge is to clean up my snatch for you!

    1. Great – the good old snatch jokes. Never boring!!

      If you haven’t seen it, youtube “crossfit or siezure”…….it is hilarious.

    2. YELLOW CARD Stevo.

      This is a family website so lets keep the suggestive humour appropriate.

  6. 4pm

    35kg, unknown – did consistantly get 84-90m every time but dont know exact total

    …and finally starting to get kipping pull-ups. yay!

    1. Congrats on the kipping pull-up Frotty. Keep the hard work up!