WOD: Tuesday

For time:

Row 2km
Run 1.2km
50 Burpees

Post time to comments.

Anna at the Clash on the Coast in WOD number 2.

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  1. 6.15 am
    West Winds

    For time:
    10 Handstand push-ups
    120/95kg Deadlift, 15 reps
    25 Box jumps, 30/26 inch box
    50 Pull-ups
    100 Wallball shots, 10/7kg
    200 Double-unders
    Run 400 meters with a 20/15kg plate

    Anna: 20.09 (RR HSPU)
    Carolyn: 24.50 (HS/80kg/50DU)
    Phil: 33.59 (RR HSPU/26″)
    Claire: 18.00 (HS/50/20″/25 x red band/50 x4.5kg/30x DU attempts + 100 SS/5kg plate)
    Daniel: 26.40 (RR HSPU/80kg/26″)
    Ian: 23.45 (HS/80kg/20″/25 PU/50x 4.5/100 SS/2 x 12kg KB)

  2. WOD results:

    Mel: 24.08 rxd
    Bove: 20.00 rxd
    DJ Dave: 16.15 rxd
    Matt: 16.32 rxd
    Julie: 20.15 rxd
    Lisa.N: 23.58 rxd
    Bags: 19.28 rxd
    Michael: 20.00 (3.2km Row)

    Jules: 17.45 rxd
    Lukey: 17.28 rxd
    3rm Back Squat
    Julie: 75kg
    Lisa.N: 50kg
    Max: 165kg
    Russ: 120kg
    Chops: 100kg
    Drum: 130kg

    Slayer: 15.26 rxd
    Rowan: 20.36 rxd
    Brad: 19.07 rxd
    Jesse: 17.55 rxd
    Brett: 17.49 rxd
    Doc: 17.41 rxd
    Jake: 18.49 rxd
    Tom: 19.11 rxd
    Jane: 19.24 rxd
    Sonya: 19.12 rxd
    Daya: 21.06 rxd

    Big Wave: 15.04 rxd
    Lisa: 19.57 rxd
    Miles: 17.19 rxd
    Tania: 23.08 rxd
    Liam: 20.43 rxd
    Camo: 19.10 rxd
    Adam: 17.26 rxd
    Slats: 15.45 rxd

  3. Sick, in bed with the sniffles, missing the box like crazy.
    Have a great xmas everyone as i probably won’t see you beforehand.
    Jules – hope the tassie weather picks up for your mum and sister!

      1. I hope you’ll feel better soon Em. And yes I hope the weather will get better by Friday. x

  4. I’m right there with you Em….but my reason is baby related….hahahahaha….really want to get back

    1. Oh Cam it’s a crazy time isn’t it! Don’t worry life will get back to normal soon. In the meantime enjoy your beautiful new bub and as much sleep as you can get! Big congrats.