WOD: Tuesday

“Filthy Fifty”

For time:
50 Box jumps, 24″ (20″)
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 16kg (12kg)
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press, 20kg (16kg)
50 Back extensions
50 Wall ball shots, 10kg (6kg)
50 Burpees
50 Double-unders

Post time to comments.

20 Responses

  1. 6.15am:
    Bove: 42.45 (RR K2E)
    Julie: 27.14 (5kg PP)
    Matt: 27.47 (RR K2E)
    Lisa.N: 19.49 25x(KB RR/K2E RR/3kg PP/squats/x2 single)
    DJ Dave: 31.04 rxd
    Li: 15.30 25x(20″/12kg RR/K2E RR/squats/2x single)

    Drum: 19.50 rxd (pull-ups)
    Russ: 29.41 rxd (pull-ups)
    Chops: 31.15 rxd (pull-ups)

    Emily: 29.17 (VHK)
    Spooner: 26.30 (attempts/squats/7kg PP/sit-ups/push-ups)
    Nikki6: 28.14 rxd
    Alex: 35.03 (K2E RR)
    Tania: 31.29 (bar taps/HK)
    Adam: 32.51 rxd
    Big Wave: 29.54 (attempts)
    Le’Roy: 26.17 rxd
    Anna: 21.59 rxd
    Showtime: 36.06 (VHK)
    Steph: 33.06 rxd

    Kate: 25.56 rxd
    Cam: 25.01 rxd
    Razor: 31.53 rxd
    Daya: 28.35 (x2 single/WB 6kg/20″)
    Lisa: 28.04 (15″/HK/bar taps/WB 3kg)
    Sonya: 33.27 (HK/WB 3kg)
    Lukey: 29.30 rxd
    Shaun: 28.58 (HK/attempts)
    Jane: 34.59 rxd
    Shaggy: 30.13 (HK/20″)
    Doc: 32.38 rxd

  2. Hey CrossFit 42S Crew:

    It was great to meet you all on the weekend and to see the CrossFit community going strong in Tasmania.

    If any of you ever make it to the Sunshine Coast, please drop in for a WOD and say hi. (no bike shorts allowed).

  3. Well done on today guys, that was a farking hard workout and Bove you were inspirational just watching you at it and you didnt give up.. Drummo you smashed it…one day mate!

  4. Three rounds for time of:
    30 Kettlebell Swings 24kg
    Broad Jump 20m (match no. of broad jumps with burpees)
    20Kg Overhead Walking Lunge 20m

  5. Busy day at work today so thought we could work this “goat” into our day. So……

    11:30am to 8:30 pm

    Every hour on the hour – 1 minute ab brace.

    total= 10

    ps. i can show you the carpet burns on my elbows from the dirty work carpet. nice!

    1. Sorry – “we” was Kala and myself. Many a raised eyebrow at work today! and no-one offered to join us!

    1. B] 30-20-10 Power cleans (40kg)/ring push ups. Time = 10.40
      C] Finisher: 5 mins 16kg turkish get ups (sub for s/arm snatch)
      Good to meet new crossfitters and have a healthy holiday! Miss you lot.