WOD: Tuesday

“Jumping Nicole”

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

100 Double-unders

Max rep Pull-ups

Post number of pull-ups achieved in each round and total to comments.

Cam playing a gig in his CF42s t-shirt. Check out Cam at Customs every Wednesday night from 8pm.

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  1. Cool photo!

    DOL: Looking for female, any age, must be adventurous, comfortable with who she is and willing to take a bit of constructive criticism. I would translate this but am afraid of getting a yellow card.

  2. WOD results:

    Mark: 5/10/2=17 (attempts)
    Kate.F: 10/7/10/16=43 (orange)
    Shaggy: 15/7/5=27 (green)
    Razor: 11/8/8/11=38
    Phantom: 10/9=19 (attempts)
    Stef: 20/20/15/10=75 rxd
    Bove: 12/12= 24 (purple
    Julie: 21/38/50/29/56= 194 (box-jumps 24″)
    DJ Dave: 14/12=26
    Le’Roy: 8/8/7/7/7=37 rxd
    Kate.B: 10/10/10=30 (green)
    Ange: 10/10=20 rxd
    Slayer: 15/12/12/5=44 rxd
    Jess: 12/8/7/6/5/4 (sub row 400m)

    Cam: 24/30/25/4=84 (box jumps)
    Slats: 11 rds (100 bar taps/GHDs)
    Shep: 20/16/12/10/10/11/12=91 (green)
    Showtime: 10/10/12/12=44 (green)
    Nikki6: 6/6/6=18 rxd
    Emily: 19/12/15/12/12=67 (orange)

    Sam: 6/12/8/9/5 rxd
    Lisa: 16/13/10/6/13/9/7/13=94 (bar taps/blue)
    Tania: 6/5/5/6/4=26 (bar taps/ purple)
    Lukey: 13/10/12/10/8/10=63 rxd
    Steph: 11/12/12/15/1= 51 (purple)

  3. 10:00am Richmond

    Rode the horse 1hr
    Washed the horse 1:15min

    Then WOD:

    In 3 mins – Run around the horse paddock (200m) (Horse Surprised)
    Then as many DU’s as possible in remaning time (in my riding boots)
    3 rounds with 2 min rest between.

    DU’s: 16/17/16

    1. Hey Choppsie, great to hear you’re managing to combine a bit of R&R with some training although disappointed that at the end of each lap you weren’t downing a pina colada or 2, what is going on? You’ll be pleased to know shop still running, lukey has made it in to work on most days (and sometimes even before 10am) and has sold a total of 2 packets of socks and some shoelaces, so dont be stressing about the profit margins – in fact with these sales I think he was talking about taking you all to melb casino for your christmas party…

  4. Chops, settle down on the dog paddle!!! And Em that was me saying that I’m going to me going to Melbourne to recover from the amount of work I’ve done over tha last few weeks!!!! Might have to check in for some more bicep curls at Customs!!?