WOD: Tuesday

Deadlift 3-3-3


21-15-9 reps for time of:
Pull-ups (strict – no kip)
Pistols (each leg)

Post load and time to comments.

Alex coaches his boys through the back squat.

3 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Spartacus: 120kg/13.45 (band)
    Stevo: 140kg/11.45 (band)
    Mel: 60kg/15.43 (band/band RR)
    Chops: 150kg/13.45 (jump/band)
    Dave: 120kg/13.45 Nansen leg only due injury)
    Em: 75kg/c/o (band/band)

    Callum: 60kg/13.45 (band/band)
    Showtime: 60kg/13.54 (band/band)
    Michelle.S: 75kg/12.05 (band/band)
    Michelle: 60kg/16.33 (band)
    Rosie: 26kg/9.50 (box squat/band)
    Sarah: 26kg/10.01 (boxsquat/band)
    Anna: 110kg/14.35 (heel block)
    Lukey: 130kg/13.21 (band)
    Spooner: 60kg/14.26 (band/band)
    Cam: 150kg/10.35 (band/band)
    Karen: 72.5kg/8.33 (milurpee/box squat/push-up)
    Kate: 92.5kg/13.48 (band/band)
    Le’Roy: 170kg/13.50 (band)

    It was great to have ‘The Michelles’ from CrossFit Brissy and Coastal CrossFit drop in for a workout today!

    Lisa: 50kg/10.43 (band/band)
    Sam: 50kg/9.54 (band/band)
    Adam: 155kg/12.14 (band/band)
    Steph: 70kg/10.27 (band/band)

    Well done today Team CF42s! Beautiful attention was paid to today’s challenging movements.