WOD: Tuesday

Part A.
3 laps around the block for time.
Re-test from last week – for every 10 sec you are slower pay 10 Burpees.

Part B.
Against a three-minute running clock, complete as many rounds and reps as possible of:
20 Pull-Ups
30 Push-Ups
40 Sit-Ups
50 Air Squats
At the conclusion of three minutes, you will rest for exactly 3 minutes before repeating for a total of 5 three-minute sets. You will begin your next set where you finished the previous set – i.e., if you finish your 39th squat at the conclusion of the three minutes, you will begin with your 40th rep after your three minute rest period, and then roll immediately into pull-ups after your 50th squat.
For our new friends, there will be plenty of ways to modify the movements to your needs and abilities.
For our more advanced athletes, you should set your goal to achieve more than 5 rounds of the movements over the course of the five sets.
Thanks to Crossfit Invictus.

Post time from Part A and Total Reps achieved in Part B to comments.







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