WOD: Tuesday

Overhead Squat

Max hold L-sit immediately following racking of the bar.

Post loads and holds in seconds to comments.

5 Responses

  1. DW – running, cheering and drinking beer. “CrossFit42s: prepares you for everything.”

  2. She’s back , welcome home Anna . see you in the morn for a Woodbrdge challenge. Loch commented how good your form looked (wow).

  3. WOD results:

    Bove: 30kg/L-hold from toes
    Doc: 40kg/L-hold from toes
    Chops: 30kg/3/5/5/5/5secs rxd
    Le’Roy: 55kg/L-hold from toes

    Simon: 30kg/5/5/5/8/5 sec rxd
    Pilk: 30kg -sub back squat/ sit-up due injury
    Kate: 20kg/L-hold from toes
    Pete: 20kg/big stretch
    Chops: ‘JT’ 14.21 (R/N/purp)

    Adam: 50kg/L-hold from toes
    Tania: 22.5kg PB/L-hold from toes
    Heather: 16kg/L-hold from toes
    Steph: 19.5kg PB/L-hold from toes
    Chris: 5kg/rxd

  4. Team RAAF

    Peeps: 50kg/12, 55kg/11, 60kg/10, 65kg/21, 65kg/15 rxd
    Pearso: 50kg/17, 60kg/16, 65kg/15, 70kg(f)/15, 70kg/20 rxd
    Dom: 40kg/28, 45kg/26, 50kg(f)/30, 50kg/22, 55kg(f)/28 rxd