WOD: Tuesday

For time:
500m Row
21-15-9 reps for time of:
Sumo dead-lift high pull, 40kg (30kg)
Row 500m
Post time to comments.

8 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Chops: 12.05 (purple)
    Stevo: 8.45 rxd
    Kala: 17.55 (12kg/jump)
    Emma: 14.18 (12kg/jump)
    Andrew: 15.15 (green)

    Jess: 11.39 (31kg/green)
    Ballie: 14.01 (20kg/blue)
    Alex: 12.56 (purple)
    Kate: 11.55 (21kg/green)
    Craig: 11.49 (20kg/green)
    Pilk: 9.11 rxd
    Le’Roy: 11.26 (purple)

    Pete: 13.01 (30kg/purple)
    Tash: 12.27 (20kg/green)
    Tania: 13.08 (25kg/blue)
    Adam: 12.2 (40kg/green)
    Heather: 13.04 (16kg/jump)
    Steph: 11.59 (22.5kg/blue)

    1. Hope you spewed in the bucket then Chops……and did you spew for the entire minute?

      1. You still smashed it though Chops! Well done! Congratulations to you too sis for your result on the weekend!

  2. Anna…

    Just wanted to let you know how inspiring your efforts were on Sunday… I was so fortunate to be able to count for you all day and see just how much effort you put into everything that you do… You destroyed everybody and then looked as though you could go again and again!! Thank you for that spectacular show of strength, skill and endurance… Between you and Drummond, Tasmania could take on the world!!

    1. Glen – thank you. It was a pleasure for me to have you as my judge. You helped me get there in the end. Thanks so much……you have top trainer qualities. Hope you can get to Tas soon to meet everyone.

  3. Wow some big numbers turning up at 42 south. Looks like the word is spreading like wild fire down there. awesome stuff.