WOD: Thursday

5km Run for time.

Post time to comments.

Are you a Cherry Picker? Be courageous and face your weaknesses… no one ever became a better human by simply doing what they are good at. Get in in here and punch you goat straight in the face!








12 Responses

  1. Do I punch the goat or do I rest up for 12.3? Think it’s about time I punched that goat.

    1. Punch it Linds, you know you want to! Jac kicked it’s proverbial arse this morning!

      1. Thanks Chris! Next time though you can run & motivate next to me for the whole 8 laps haha. Was the fastest lap ever.
        Smash it Linds!!

        1. There’s something about someone running next to you and yelling that motivates isn’t there 🙂

  2. Where is the run?

    Fingers crossed for somewhere with grass! Damn shin splints.