WOD: Thursday



21-15-9 reps for time of:

Deadlift, 100kg (70kg)

Handstand Push-up

Post time to comments.

Chris Saliba from Coastal CrossFit smokes ‘Diane’.

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  1. WOD reults:

    R.R= restricted range
    Neg= negatives
    HS= Handstand

    Richo: 9.03 (R.R/Neg)
    Doc: 14.48 (foot tap HS)
    Andrew: 12.49 (80kg/foot tap HS)
    Le’Roy: 11.41 (R.R/Neg)

    Alli: 5.49 (40kg/HS)

    12 noon:
    Miles: 10.27 (neg)

    Jess: 14.02 (neg/R.R)

    Luke: 10.59 (50kg/neg-6 rxd)
    Eli: 7.51 (60kg/neg-19rxd)

    Where is the night time crew tonight?

    1. Sorry I missed this morning, looks like and heard it ws a good workout! Those pull ups from Tuesday finally took there toll after 2 days of no apparent pain! Feeling like an 80 year old man at the moment!

      1. Im feeling your pain Stef, my core is so sore from GHD situps the other night.
        I cant laugh, cough, sneeze or fart without it hurting!
        Great to see Miles made it in for a quick workout!

    2. Maybe everyone’s forearms are shot from Nicole? Good job Luke with the HSPUs!

  2. Travel WOD
    0830h – Anglesea Barracks Gym
    For Time:
    25 squats
    5 push ups
    20 squats
    10 push ups
    15 squats
    15 push ups
    10 squats
    20 push ups
    5 squats
    10 push ups
    Jess W: 5.05 as prescribed.
    Round 2 sub squats for Pull ups and push ups for sit ups time 9.04.

  3. Man I was like a upside down muppet today.

    If I can master this workout eventually I will be very pumped!

    1. That is funny stuff! I think he has Leroy’s eyes! He looks a lot like a muppet!

  4. Good to see you here Miles. Mate come when you can brother. You are missed!

    1. Ditto that! Not much of a welcome back though, training by yourself! We should have co-ordinated better! All I had was Drummond’s ‘motivational’ counting to keep me company…

      1. and you better be there tomorrow morn dork…. no excuses!!! you too jess