WOD: Thursday

Five rounds for max effort of:

1 minute Row (calories)

1 minute Burpees (reps)

Rest as necessary between rounds.

Post total of calories and reps to comments.

Compare to last time here.

Anna has had this piece of paper with the workout “Bull” written on it in her handbag since it was first posted on crossfit.com in December of last year. She was determined that one day she would be able to complete the workout “rxd”. Yesterday after many months of improving her overhead squats she was not only able to complete the workout “rxd” – she dominated it, coming in well before any of the boys. God I love CrossFit… and Anna!

11 Responses

  1. Amazing Anna, again! Thank you for the continued inspiration and congrats on reaching – no, smashing! – a long-held goal. xx

  2. 6.15am:

    Hristo: 116/55
    DJ Dave: 118/92
    Matt: 130/78
    Dancey: 111/51
    Leisha: 87/67
    Mel: 76/49
    Sheree: 85/52
    Bove: 114/61


    Jak: 82/71
    Simon: 118/86
    Jason: 110/68
    Shaggy: 112/87
    Esther: 90/60

  3. West winds
    Hurrah for the new rower.
    I think it was CrossFit karma that this wod so happened to arrive at the same time as this horrendous wod.

    Red: 125/104

  4. 4.20pm:
    Andy: 105/56
    Tan: 100/53
    Big Wave: 158/77
    Slats: 124/95
    Slayer: 118/109
    Rowan: 105/69
    Mark.I: 87/40
    Le’Roy: 158/61
    Nikki6: 120/116
    Ed: 109/70
    Persia: ?/?
    Jake: 130/73
    Kyle: 129/95
    Weg: 141/84

    Scott.L: 136/70
    Brett: 144/85
    Shell: 67/53
    Kempy: 106/56
    Anna: 103/91
    Doc: 134/77
    Nick: 115/59
    Sandy: 122/105
    Murph: 100/78
    Alex: 112/75
    Tommi.G; 136/89
    Showtime: 113/53
    Jess: 104/73
    Ant: 73/64
    Lukey: 134/82

    Steph: 103/73
    Ally: 71/46
    Nic: 129/66
    Coleman: 129/60
    Adam.M: 114/75

  5. PowerStation Gym, Wynyard

    Computer on the rower was broken,
    Sub Calorie rows for max number of complete rows at maximum resistance and effort. No gentle pulls haha

    Micah 213/107
    Brad 196/76

  6. What a workout. Thanks to Luke and Doc for their encouragement and understanding. I blew a gasket and melted most working internals. Awesome.