WOD: Thursday

Press 5-5-5-5-5

Finisher: 5 minutes for max reps Kettlebell Clean & Press, 24kg/16kg

Post loads and KB Clean & Press reps to comments.

No words can explain this photo… it just is.

7 Responses

  1. 6.15am:

    Tasha: 30-32.5kg/90 (12kg)
    Lindsey: 37.5-38.5kg/56 rxd
    Leisha: 30kg/85 (8kg)
    Jules: 30kg/69 (12kg)
    Lisa.N: 32.5kg/64 (10kg DB)
    Jak: 26kg/56 (10kg DB)
    DJ Dave: 52.5-55kg/ 34 (40kg bar)
    Bove: 40-50kg/ 50 (20kg)
    Simon: 40-42.5kg/ 54 (16kg)
    Dancey: 40-60kg/ 21 (20kg)


    10 rounds for time:
    Sprint 100m
    10 Pullups
    Sprint 100m
    10 Burpees
    Rest 30 sec

    Russ: 22.44 rxd
    Jimmy: 22.15 rxd
    Chops: 22.22 rxd


    Alli: 25-26kg/ 29 (12kg)
    Rob: 37.5-40kg/ 48 (16kg)
    Ash:45-46kg/ 63 (16kg)
    Razor: 42.5-43.5kg/ 70 (16kg)
    Jake: 45-50kg/ 56 (20kg) Happy 17th Birthday!

    Jake did the “new” birthday penalty – if under 25, 2 x age burpees with 10kg vest!

    1. I love the new Birthday Burpee rule Chopsy. Happy Birthday Jake.

      Looks like the boys at 7.30am had a battle – look how close those times are!


  2. Tommy, great head band!
    DW. This morning certainly had some sting, Jimmy and Chopsy were all over it, i had to play catch from round 1. Well done guys!

  3. 4.20pm:
    Thomas: 40-42.5kg/54@16kg
    Tan: 32.5kg/49@12kg
    Weg: 62.5kg/47@24kg
    Kyle: 42.5-47.5kg/74@20kg
    Nick: 800m Run on the minute every 7 minutes: 3.44/3.42/3.45/3.52/3.19
    Sarah.R: 25-26kg/111@8kg
    Chris: 55kg/?@16kg
    Le’Roy: 60kg/52@24kg
    Rowan: 40kg/45@16kg
    Matt: 52.5kg/40@24kg
    Esther: 30kg/34@12kg
    Gus: 45kg/58@16kg

    Shell: 30-31kg/37@12kg
    Jose: 60-67.5kg/63@24kg
    Alice: 30-31kg/76@10kg
    Margarita: 4x Push-ups (box) 107/110/63/81 – 72@8kg
    Nick.W: Dash home for time.
    Murph: 40-52.5kg/87@16kg
    Tommi.G: 40kg/63@16kg
    Sarah.C: 30-31kg/48@12kg
    Adam: 47.5kg/63@16kg
    Showtime: 42.5-47.5kg/51@20kg
    Danny: 37.5-40kg/45@16kg

    Jaci: 30kg/42@12kg
    Tom: 60-67.5kg/52@24kg
    Cam: 5RM DL 182.5kg
    Timmy: 35-38.5kg/46@16kg
    Lukey: 55kg/52@20kg
    Adam.M: 40-41kg/61@16kg
    Nick Coleman: 45-52.5kg/?@16kg
    Alain: 50-60kg/90@16kg
    Nic: 45-50kg/78@16kg