WOD: Thursday

How would you change?

For maximum load:
3 Thrusters on the minute every minute for 15 minutes.
Thruster weight may be changed between sets.

Post total load moved to comments.
Compare to last time here.

12 Responses

  1. 6.15am:

    Matt: 2700kg
    DJ Dave: 2820kg
    Tasha: 1369kg
    Simon: 1815kg
    Lindsey: 1812kg
    Leisha: 1200kg
    Dancey: 1800kg
    Lisa N: 1701kg
    Sheree: 1131kg
    Jaci: 1155kg
    Hilux: 1620kg
    Bove: 2362.5kg

  2. Great work tonight Le’Roy! Was great to watch you smash it!

    Also Adam, doing a great job mate!

    1. Thanks Doc, you are on my wall of legends along with Showtime of course!

  3. WoD Results:


    Doc: 2187kg
    Weg: 2685kg
    Simon: 1912.5kg
    Jak: 1117.5kg
    Rob: 1657kg
    Jase: 1940kg
    Jess: 1800kg
    Razor: 2100kg
    Esther: 1192.5kg
    Sarah R.: 1278kg
    Kate: 1425kg
    Le’roy: 2950kg
    Liam W.: 2640kg

    1. WoD Results:



      SDHP 16kg KB
      KB swings 16kg

      Tan: 8:41 rxd

    2. Esther and Jak – check your weights! We can’t add! Mine was wrong and should have been 26x3x5=390 + 30x3x10=900 for a total of 1290kg!

  4. WoD Results:


    Cat: 1020kg
    Shell: 1087.5kg
    Edwin: 2190kg
    Eleni: 1170kg
    Frank: 3120kg
    Murf: 1800kg
    Phantom: 2287kg
    Slayer: 3000kg

  5. WoD Results:


    Tom: 3150kg
    Sarah C: 1350kg
    Scotty: 1794kg
    Timmy: 1800kg
    The Coleman: 2295kg
    Kyle: 2580kg
    Nick C: 1912.5kg
    Adam M: 2115kg
    Alain: 2625kg