WOD: Thursday

On the minute, every minute, for 12 minutes:

Thruster x 2 reps

Weight will be taken from the floor.

Build the weight as you see fit. The goal is to move as much weight as possible in the 12 minutes. Do not count failed attempts, simply sum the weights successfully lifted over the course of the 12 minutes/24 potential lifts);

Rest exactly 5 minutes, and then;

On the minute, every minute, for 12 minutes perform 20 Double-unders and in the remaining time accumulate as many Push-ups as possible.

Post total thruster weight moved and total push-ups achieved to comments.

Thanks to CrossFit Invictus for the WOD.

6 Responses

  1. 6.15am:
    Sheree: 510kg/36 rxd
    Matt: 1230kg/131 rxd
    Mel: 525kg/171 (knees)
    Lisa.N: 930kg/76 (knees)
    Sarah: 382 kg/84 (SS/knees)
    Martin: 790kg/123 (SS?knees)
    Bove: 1130kg/82 rxd
    Yaro: 1720kg/81 rxd
    Julie: 1015kg/134 rxd

    Drum: 1935kg/223rxd
    1470kg/170 rxd
    Russ: 1747.5kf/116 rxd
    Big Wave: “Angie”: 24.46 rxd

    Tommy.G: 930kg/79 (10x DU)
    Mark.I: 580kg/90 (SS/knees)
    Nick.C: 795kg/180 (SS)
    Cody: 828kg/83 (SS)
    Frank: 1320kg/127 (10x KBS@ 24kg)
    Eve: 750kg/51rxd

    4pm Open Gym:
    Cam: “Fran”: 6.36 rxd PB/Snatch 75kg PB
    Nikki6: snatch
    Slayer: snatch
    Brett: 500 Burpees for time: 49.59

    Mark: 1080/64 rxd
    Mel: 252kg (7x 3kg)/62 (SS/knees)
    Kyle: 1470kg/139 rxd
    Caitlin: 252kg (7x 3kg)/80 (SS/knees)
    Nikki6: 1440kg/150 rxd
    Nick: 1080kg/102 rxd
    Razor: 1080kg/198 rxd
    Big Wave: 1937.5kg/140 rxd
    Jason: 720kg/103 (SS)
    Spartacus: 1460kg/123 rxd
    Alex: 1080kg/88 rxd
    Jose: 1080kg/86 rxd
    Le’Roy: 1460kg/146 rxd
    Timmy: 252kg (7x 3kg)/178 (SS)
    Slayer: 1330kg/122 rxd
    Brett: 960kg DBs/60 Pull-ups
    Chris: 1330kg/77 rxd

    Tan: 765kg/71 rxd – smoking DU’s Tan!
    Tom: 1825kg/181 rxd
    Edwin: 970kg/137 rxd
    Jaci: 640kg/87 (knees)
    Heather: 439kg RR/75 (SS/knees)
    Steph: 825kg/110 rxd
    Ally: 392 (FS)/38 (SS/kness)
    Alain: 1500kg/41 rxd
    Sarah.C: 630kg/206 (SS/knees)

  2. Hey DW! I failed in the maths this morning – 730kg not 1000. My bad – thought I was more awesome than I really was… I think I need more sleep – or maths lessons!

  3. After my experience at Glenn Huon Primary today I’m convinced that children are officially a form of exercise and perhaps should be considered as a hero workout.

    1. Since Brett chose to do it I think he is a insance mother fucker instead of a poor mother fucker.