WOD: Thursday

Team WOD

In partners for time perform:

80 Deadlift, 100kg (70kg)

100 Burpees

120 Pull-ups

140 Squats

Only one team member may work at a time. Movements must be performed in order.

Post time to comments.

4 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Martin/Simon: 24.04 (60kg/jump)
    Matt/Bove: 20.02 rxd
    Sheree (30kg/green)/Sarah (30kg/jump): 21.20
    Lisa.N (purple)/Leisha (40kg/purple): 23.09
    Frank/Jimmy: 16.04 rxd
    Yaro/DJ Dave: 15.41 rxd
    Big Wave/Julie: 18.46 rxd

    Snatch Technique:

    Team Ginger Varcoe:
    Susie (20kg/jump/RR 20″)/Eve (60kg/purple): 22.35
    Team Penny Pine:
    Sanch (50kg/green)/Shaun (50kg/jump): 24.54
    Team Black Pants Pussy Willow:
    Ash/Steve: 23.03 (70kg/jump)
    Team Toby Main:
    Razor (90kg)/Rob (50kg/jump): 20.30

  2. 3pm:
    “Cardio Challenge”
    Chops: 17

    4pm Open Gym:
    Shaggy(80kg/Jump)/Mark(80kg/Jump): 25.15

    “Cardio Challenge”
    Ash: 17+200m+2
    Simon: 17+100m

    1RM Power Clean
    Razor: 70kg PB

    Slayer/Miles: 18.44 rxd
    Nick W(80kg)/Murph(80kg/Purple): 19.11
    Rod(50kg/green)/Jono(40kg/green): 21.30
    Kyle(80kg)/Tim(80kg/jump): 16.34
    Karen(50kg Sub Step Ups/V-Ups)/Leroy(rxd): 16.29
    Lukey(70kg)/Steano(70kg): 19.19

    Cam/Tom: 13.23 rxd
    Chris/Brett: 17.37 rxd
    Tania(60kg/purple)/Emily(60kg): 25.16
    Steph(rxd)/Heather(50kg/sub v-ups/jump/box sq): 22.42
    Tasha(40kg/jump)/Jaci(40kg/jump): 19.51
    Mark I(50kg/jump)/Adam(80kg/purple): 21.03
    Nick(80kg)/Alain(80kg): 23.30

    Thanks for your Awesomeness tonight in helping me through my first session as coach!

  3. Thanks for being an awersome coach chops, very impressive first class!