WOD: Thursday

Team WOD:

As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

Power Snatch, 50kg (35kg)

Run 200m

Whilst one athlete runs 200m the other accumulates as many reps of Snatch as possible.

Your score will be the total reps completed by both team members.

4 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Bove/DJ Dave: 60 rxd
    Sheree/Daniel: 108 (16kg HPS)
    Lindsey (31kg)/Leisha (20kg): 91
    Big Wave/Yaro: 108 rxd

    CrossFit Games Open WOD 11.3
    AMRAP 5 minutes of:
    Squat Clean ,75kg (50kg)
    Jerk 75kg (50kg)

    Anna: 16 rxd (32 reps)
    Russ: 16 rxd (32 reps)
    Chops: 9.5 rxd (19 reps)
    Juile: 10.5 rxd (21 reps)
    Drum: 23.5 rxd (47 reps)
    Brett: 9.5 rxd (19 reps)

    Ash: (30kg HPS)/Emily (27.5kg): 96
    Mark.D: (30kg HPS)/Spartacus (40kg): 90

    4pm Open Gym:
    Ash: skills
    Razor: Clean work
    Kate.B: push-ups/sit-ups
    Alex: push-ups/pull-ups
    Mark: push-ups/sit-ups
    Slats: pull-ups/push-ups
    Matt: WOD 11.2: 9+9+12+6 rxd

    Miles/Nick: 101 (35kg)
    Sonya/Kate: 94 rxd
    Nikki6/Slats: 105 rxd
    Nick.W/Chris: 96 (30kg)
    Ben/John: 149 (40kg)
    Ash: “Karen”: 11.04 (6kg)

    Martin/Heather: 86 (16kg)
    Cam/Tom: 128 rxd
    Lukey/Jess: 131 (35kg)
    Tania/Steph: 101 (30kg)
    Adam.M/Eve: 87 (30kg)
    Ally (12kgRR)/Mark.I(16kgRR): 241 (KB swings)
    Alain/Kyle: 116 (40kg)

  2. ha! i was just eeling you about ‘karen’ ash, hope you had fun doing her!