WOD: Thursday

Partner WOD:

In partners for time:
1 lap of block (725m) Overhead walk, 20kg (16kg)
1 lap of block (725m) Farmers Carry, 20kg (15kg) Dumbbells
200 Squats


–   Only one team member may work at a time.

–   Every time the bar or dumbbells are lowered each team member must perform 5 burpees before swapping the bar/dumbbells.

–   Movements maybe performed in any order however all reps/distance must be completed before moving to next exercise.

Post time to comments.

17 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    DJ Dave/Big Dave: 20.35 rxd
    Julie/Leisha: 25.39 rxd (16kg KB’s)
    Bove/Kyle/Razor: 36.23 rxd
    Lauren/Lisa.N: 31.12 rxd
    Em/Kala: 36.02 rxd

    Drum/Chops: 20.24 rxd (20 burpee penalty)
    Russ/Nikki6: 21.30 rxd
    Slats/Brett: 20.21 rxd (20 burpee penalty)

    12 noon:
    Anna/Russ: 21.11 rxd (Anna at men’s rxd)
    Rob.B/Mel: 25.43 (16kg/10kg DB/RR)
    Darren/Miles: 22.59 (box squat-Darren)
    Brad/Shaggy: 29.56 rxd

    Cam/Showtime: 19.58 rxd
    Spartacus:/Le’Roy: 20.44 rxd
    Jonothan/Nick: 29.39 rxd
    Eve/Kate/Sonya: 36.53 rxd (1300m/300 Squats)
    Brett: 500 Double-unders for time: 13.08

    Tom/Kyle: 23.23 rxd
    Yaro/Scott: 26.08 rxd
    Steph/Emily: 17.56 rxd
    Tania/Heather/Jo: 36.30 (300 Squats)
    Alain/Jake: 25.32 rxd

  2. unfair on Nikki and Russ, Brett and Slatts tricked me into providing some hair care tips which i foolishly gave and in doing so had to put the bar down and was penalised. Both the boys ran off laughing! not fair!

  3. The only reason me and slats ran of was because you began to touch us in an immapropiate manner russel.

  4. The only reason me and slats ran off was because while you were giving us comprhensive instructions on male grooming. you began to touch us in an innapropiate manner russel. and it wasnt laughter it was screaming

  5. Well done Steph and Em…..you guys smashed it….steph you should have taken me up on the wager!!! Come on guys leave young Russ alone, by the way Russ my wife wants to know where you get your tan done!

    1. Thanks for BITE Showtime 😉 What we were waiting for.
      Confession time Cam. Change the 1 in our time to a 2. (27:56)
      Poor Em had a weight around her neck I caused her 20 burpees within 1st 5 seconds of WOD! DW nearly wet his billabongs!!

      1. Still a crackin time I think….good workout hey!!! How did the burpees come about so early? Showtime, how are you feeling?

        1. Stephy forgot to navigate the wall on the way out of the box… it’s because she was so confused having such a normal and quiet partner for a change! =P

  6. 12.30pm SOARTY

    Stevo/Julie: 17.23 rxd Julie did 20kg
    Swinney/Val: 17.19

    Was an exceptional contest

    Finisher: 3rds of 25kg weighted push-ups (5kg for Julie)