WOD: Thursday

100m Sprint on the minute, every minute for 10 minutes.

Finisher: Tabata Overhead Lunge, 20kg (15kg)

Post fastest and slowest sprint time and lowest Lunge reps acheived in tabata to comments.

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  1. WOD Results:
    (fastest time-slowest time/lowest tabata score)
    Matt: 13-16 sec/10 rxd
    Julie: 14-18 sec/12 rxd
    DJ Dave: 13-26 sec/11 rxd (hammies)
    Big Wave: 14-22 sec/mobilty
    Leisha: 16-19 sec/ mobility (hammies)
    Slats: 14-17 sec/7 rxd

    1RM Overhead Squat
    Russ: 82.5 kg PB
    Chops: 55kg PB
    Drum: 92.5kg PB

    12 noon:
    Russ: 18-20 sec/13 rxd
    Miles: 16-19 sec/9 rxd
    Nick: 15-21 sec/7 (broomstick)
    Anna: 14-19 sec/12 rxd
    Razor: 17-18 sec/8 rxd
    Brad: 17-24 sec/5 rxd

    Sonya: 15-22 sec/8 rxd
    Codey: 14-24 sec/7 (15kg)
    Phantom: 16-18 sec/8 rxd
    Em: 18-20 sec/7 rxd
    Nikki6: 14-17 sec/10 rxd
    Kate.B: 17-22 sec/7 (10kg)
    Bags: 17-20 sec/6 rxd
    Kate: 18-22 sec/8 rxd
    Rowan: 14-22sec/ 10 (10kg)
    Kyle: 13-24 sec -SPEW!
    Showtime: 14-25 sec/8 (15kg)

    Brett: mobility
    Yaro: 15-17sec/8 rxd
    Slayer: 16-18 sec/8 rxd
    Cam: 15-18 sec
    Tania: 22-26 sec/1 rxd
    Steph: 19-21 sec/7 rxd
    Jake: 17-19 sec/7rxd
    Karen: 23-32 sec/10 (lunge)
    Alain: 15-20 sec/7 rxd
    Lawrence: 16-18 sec/10 rxd
    Max distance row in 1 minute.
    Rest 1 minute and repeat for 10 cycles.
    Heather: 204m-230m

  2. For time
    1.6Km Run
    120 KettleBell Swings at 24Kg with 8 Burpees every time you break
    1.6Km Run

  3. Well Cam, you may beat me in term of stamina. But at least I now know, given a 100m distance, and a clear escape, I can sacktap you and get away fine.

    Regards, Showtime

      1. Only the first hundred, then you fatigue, I catch you and you die…..oh such is the life of a little bitch Showtime…..you keep that in mind!!! Yes DW he is funnier than you!!!

    1. My highlight was “sacktap”. I’m not even sure what it means or that I even want to know.