WOD: Thursday

Take 20 minutes to build up to a heavy Deadlift then;

Three rounds for time of:

10 Deadlifts, 100kg (70kg)

20 Pull-ups

Post load and time to comments.

CrossFit Ipswich…

11 Responses

  1. West Winds
    6.15 am

    Clancy: 70kg* 9.15 (50/green)
    Albe: 100kg* 14.30 (90/green)
    Phil: 100kg* 2 rounds (shoulder injury)
    Carolyn: 94kg 10.38 rxd
    Lochie: 35kg* 7.42 (30/green)
    Claire: 60kg 7.58 (45/green)
    Daniel: 100kg* 10.25 rxd
    Lisa: 80kg 7.38 (50/purple)
    * = didn’t find max

  2. Body Weight Back Squat (Max reps before racking the bar)
    Post % and reps

    20 BW REP’s

    2min rest then

    15 Min AMRAP
    5 Pullups
    1o Push Ups (Hand release each rep)
    50 Double Unders

    5Rounds +5Pull ups+ 10Push Ups and 4Dubble-unders rxd

  3. WOD at Crossfit Ipswich…..
    start at the door, swim to the pullup bar, muscle up out of the water, (dead)lift the bodies in the corner, attach extra large blades to the C2 and row back to the door, carry your fridge/family/favourite photos to your car and head for the evacuation centre….tough times up there….Id rather do Kellie …….

  4. WOD results:

    DJ Dave: 6.42 rxd
    Lisa.N: 9.53 (60kg/blue)
    Leisha: 8.14 (40kg/green)
    Bove: 13.44 (90kg)

    As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
    Row 250m
    25 Push-ups

    Russ: 9+160m
    Chops: 7
    Brett: 7+130m
    Lukey: 6+250+10
    Drum: 10

    12 noon:
    Anna: 3.37 rxd
    Razor: 7.00 (70kg)
    Shaggy: 7.40 (70kg)
    Miles: 7.10 rxd
    Alex: 7.47 rxd
    Jake: 5.22 (40kg)

    Emily: 9.19 (60kg)
    Cam: 3.42 rxd
    Phantom: 8.06 rxd
    Bags: 7.00 (70kg/purple)
    Brad: 5.23 (70kg/green)
    Kate.B: 5.57 (45kg)
    Jane: 6.18 (65kg/purple)

    Tania: 9.32 (40kg/purple)
    Rowan: 8.55 (40kg/jump) – SPEW!
    Steph: 9.38 rxd
    Sonya: 6.05 (70kg/sub push-ups)
    Tom: 6.00 rxd
    Jo: 11.36 (40kg/green)
    Daya: 7.19 (green)
    Yaro: 9.49 (green)
    Alain: 12.59 (80kg/green)

  5. Pultney grammar rowing sheds.

    Took 10 kids from year 9 – 12 and made them do “Murph”. Great fun. Afterwards, did today’s WOD.

    Showtime: 13:05 / 90 kg + RXD pullups.

  6. Drummo that’s why you are the best!
    Anna smoking time… I am going to have to step up!
    Great effort everyone.