WOD: Thursday


For time:
1.6 km run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1.6 km run

Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. If you’ve got a 10kg vest or body armor, wear it.

Post time to comments.

22 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Mel: 30.36 (blue/knees – mini murph)
    Bove: 52.57 (green)
    DJ Dave: 46.10 (orange)
    Kala: 24.45 (jump/knees/sub row – mini murph)
    Matt: 44.15 rxd
    Julie: 43.07 (green)
    Spartacus: 42.53 rxd
    Kate: 43.39 (purple)
    Chops: 45.19 rxd

    12 noon:
    Miles: 40.49 rxd
    Anna: 39.41 rxd
    Jane: 44.45 (green/knees/RR)
    Razor: 39.27 rxd
    Shaggy: 44.28 (green/knees)
    Russ: 37.50 rxd
    Meegan: 52.58 (purp-green)
    Steph: 57.04 rxd
    Lukey: 36.45 rxd
    Tania: 57.47 (purple)
    Emily: 46.48 (orange)
    Alex: 51.51 rxd

    Sonya: 49.48 (green/knees)
    Showtime: 58.52 (purple- sub row last 1600m)

    Phantom: 46.53 rxd
    Slayer: 43.27 rxd

    Happy Birthday Kala!

    1. Lovely birthday present for Kala! Have a great day now that Murph is over.
      Bet you have never done a guy like that on your birthday?

      1. Haha thanks… I dont think i have even been awake before 8 on a birthday before, EVER, but I loved it. Wouldn’t want to have been anywhere else! 🙂

  2. Hey guys, “gutted” I won’t make it in today for this one! Well done on this morning’s results, 🙂

      1. Nah, I have cricket training on Thursdays. I would like to do this workout sometime though, it looks tough!

  3. Happy Birthday Kala…….some good times there……pretty tough workout!!! Real stinger……..was good fun though!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Kala. Anna always a pleasure training with you mate…
    Camo where were you? good workout everyone.

    1. That was the most awesome lunch time class ever!! Steph doing 100 rxd pull ups, Lukey and Russ topless (Russ tried to take his skins off but wasn’t permitted), Jane and Marv there (missed you Adam), trying to keep up with Russ on the push ups – never going to happen!!!! (thanks anyway for the razz along.) Razor blitzing past nearly everyone – sorry I didn’t notice, I had brain fade, great job, Tan nearly running the whole last mile (her goat), meeting Meegan, Alex getting 70 burpees for being late and not caring – actually celebrating, racing Miles in, and Shaggy for being a quiet achiever – I need to take a leaf out of your book! AND finally to DW for top encouragement, belief in his troops, great talk on being positive and as always a great class.
      I love crossfit. PS I have finished now.

      1. Thanks so much for coming on that run with me Anna, I really, really, needed that encouragement (stupid running) much appreciated!

        1. Murph…… Wow what a workout, was a great crew to do it with to, and would also like to thank Anna for the run too, set up a great pace. Sorry about no top was a bit hot……!

  5. I can’t make it today Russ so did a double training yesterday and dis the workout then!!!

  6. some Crossfit put this as a wod looks like something youd do Drum
    Thanksgiving Day Workout
    Before you defrost the turkey
    Run 400m
    25 Burpees
    Run 400m
    …25 Squats w/Turkey
    Run 400m
    25 Sit ups w/Turkey
    Run 400m
    25 Push Ups
    Run 400m
    25 OH Turkey Lunges
    *If you set the turkey down during the run/Sit Ups/Squats/Lunges
    do 10 burpees

      1. Hey James,
        You’re right, I do like that WOD. I am also a big fan of turkey.
        Yes mate I am coming up for the Clash with Anna.
        Can’t wait, it’s sure to be an amazing event.


  7. WOD: “Movin house”

    Le’roy: All bloody day…. rxd (no one to help)

    Wow guys, what a work out I have missed out on… Some brilliant results too – well done! Would have been nice to share the pain with you all. I feel slightly left out ;( does anyone want to do this wod again with me??? c’mon